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Vinyl floor coverings – get to know their

Vinyl floor coverings – get to know their advantages

Vinyl   floor covering is modern concept of flooring where chips of colored poly   vinyl chloride (PVC) are compressed under high heat and pressure, there by   shaping them in to solid sheets of varying thickness. Later these sheets are   cut in the form of tiles which are used as finished flooring material. From   the flooring point they come with many advantages in terms of maintenance,   installation ease, insulation, etc. Modern houses and buildings could be seen   equipped with such flooring materials and what makes them great is the number   of options that are presented in the form of stone, wood or tile   appearance.

Let’s get to their advantages over conventional flooring   methods.


One aspect of the house, which is difficult to customize is the   flooring. However, vinyl floor covering provides an option here whereby one   could customize the floors of the house to any extent. This type floor comes   with many colors, patterns and even look-alikes for hardwood, softwood, stone   or tile floors. By selecting such a flooring one could easily combine the   different patterns or implement the wooden, stone and tile floors, and   completely the negate the disadvantages of the original flooring   itself.

Low cost

The biggest advantage for the vinyl floor coverings is the low   cost of these tiles. When compared to other conventional types of floors, the   prices are drastically reduced. They could range from $1 per square foot to a   maximum $10, which is almost 50 times less than the wooden flooring,   depending on the type of wood of course. This makes them a great addition for   commercial building which have a strict budget construction   rule.


The durability of the vinyl floor coverings is difficult to match   for and this the primary reason why one could find them being used in high   trafficked buildings. Some of the vinyl floor coverings could last for 20   years but they depend a lot on the places they were manufactured. Some of the   most durable vinyl floor coverings are composite vinyl tiles and the   fiberglass reinforced ones, which clearly include a protective layer on   top.

Low Maintenance

The fact that the vinyl floor coverings include a protective layer   on top works great in their favor as their maintenance reduces by a major   factor. Being dirt and stain resistant all one needs to do is to sweep the   dirt off and wipe the stains off with a wet mop. For perfect usage, it is   always suggested to use the custom made vinyl tiles cleaning   solutions.

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