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Variety of choices: hardwood flooring

Variety of choices: hardwood flooring types

Houses   have now become symbols of a person’s status in the society. And because of   the same reason everyone is very much concerned about the way their house   looks to others. There are various innovative methods that can be employed to   enhance the appearance of the house. Starting from flooring everything needs   to be carefully and efficiently designed so they add to the overall view of   the house.

As far as flooring is concerned, there are numerous options   available in the market these days. While choosing one for our house various   things need to be kept in mind. Hardwood flooring is among the various   popular flooring types present available in the market. There is various   hardwood flooring types available in the market.


This is one of the most popular hardwood flooring types available   in the market. This is the type that has been in the market for decades. In   other words solid hardwood is the traditional choice. They are available as   planks that are about ¾ inches thick. The major advantage of this type of   hardwood is that they can be refinished a number of times. Since floor is an   area that is subjected to heavy treading very frequently, they can lose their   initial finish and beauty very quickly. In such cases refinishing can be a   very effective method to regain the finish of the floor.


This is another one of hardwood flooring types that are quickly   gaining popularity among the customers. The main advantage that this type of   hardwood has over the other types is that they are very resistant to seasonal   expansion and contraction. Unlike traditional hardwood these are made of   multiple layers and hence they are more durable and this multiple layer   property is responsible for their resistance to seasonal expansion and   contraction. One disadvantage is that they cannot be sanded and refinished   frequently. Hence if they lose their shiny nature then it is difficult to   regain this.


As the name suggest this type of hardwood is wider than the normal   ones available. They are usually available in planks that are about 5 inches   wide. The major advantage of the wide hardwood is that they provide an   aesthetic look to the room. Another important feature is that they are   available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Laying them also is much   easier because of the wide planks.

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