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Unique carpet designs to consider for
living room

Unique carpet designs to consider for living room

Living   room is most utilized place in a house by all the members of the family. It   needs to exude warmth and also must be comfortable. Carpet designs too have   the potential to offer the kind of atmosphere that is desirable in living   rooms. Living rooms must be edited as per the tastes of the individuals   residing in the house. Based on the priorities, a luxurious or a warmly touch   can be imparted with the use of appropriate carpet designs. This article   covers few unique carpet designs that can entirely transform the look of the   room.

Carpets with landscape relief

Carpets play a crucial role while editing a living room. The rugs   that offer a landscape relief not just feels comfortable but are also fun to   walk around on. It is apt for kids to play on. These are friendly and   colourful and made of foam bars with irregular patterning. This offers the   shape of a landscape in miniature form.

Sleeper rugs

Dual function is offered by the sleeper rugs. This acts as a   carpet as well as a sofa cover. These are quite comfortable and can be used   while being seated on the floor along with friends and family. Maintenance   can be quite difficult in comparison to other rugs. Regular vacuuming would   be required for the purpose.

Puzzle Rugs     Puzzle rugs combine pieces of puzzles to form a product that is utterly   unique. Fun and playful, these add a sense of style and originality to the   homes. The colors used are simple and blend well within a contemporarily   designed home.

Piano rugs

The piano rug design is quite interesting and is ideal for people   who have a fascination with the music world. The rug not just looks elegant   but also reflects your interest to the visitors. This rug features the keys   of a piano. The white and black carpet goes well in any living room that   features a contemporary setting.

The Sound carpet

This carpet was originally designed by Lim Hyuntaik. This   possesses a unique characteristic. This can also be used as a sound system   and pretty clearly hides away the clutter that is carried by most of the   speakers that are utilized commonly. The system is integrated in the raised   corners of the carpet leaving a lot of space in the center for the users.   This would impart uniqueness to your living room design.