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Types of tiles for bathrooms

Types of tiles for bathrooms

Tiles   for the Bathroom are available in various materials. They can be stone,   plastic, ceramic, and cork, porcelain, wood and vinyl tiles.

Stone tiles – made of various stones like marble, granite, slate   or even limestone. They are available in various colors and textures but they   are heavy on maintenance and require a lot of regular cleaning and sealing.   They are also more expensive than the porcelain or ceramic   tiles.

Plastic laminate – are easy to maintain and are durable however   they are not good to handle moisture and therefore special attention needs to   be given to ensure water doesn’t enter the fiberboard core.

Ceramic and Porcelain – These tiles look very elegant and are   scratch proof and resist wear and tear. However they are hard to maintain and   not as comfortable when one is barefoot. They are not easy to install as   well.

Cork tiles – are warm and come in various colors and tints. They   need two coats of polyurethane to protect them from water. They are also easy   to install.

Wood floor – are not advisable at all for tiles for   bathrooms. Incase water penetrates them they will stain   permanently. They also need a double coat of polyurethane to protect   them.

Vinyl – These are most popular as they are the least expensive and   most practical. It is also durable and offers a lot of safety and comfort.   These tiles also are easy to install ad look good. Vinyl can be cut with a   utility knife and is also equipped with self adhering   properties.