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Types of ceiling lights for home decor

Types of ceiling lights for home decor

Today lighting is not just about   superior high brightness but also about eco-friendly illuminations and cost   effective retrofit solutions. Pendant ceiling Lights are classic looking   designer lightings. They illuminate precisely the place you like, like a   small spotlight over a small table or kitchen island. Because of this feature   they are used commonly for task or accent righting. These are not just for   the purpose of lighting but also for the purpose of decoration. They come in   different fashionable styles and colors. Your home will get a complete   makeover with these pendant lights.

LED ceiling lamp offers   brighter, more natural light that can fill the entire room. LED lamps   accomplish this by drawing very less power. This gives a significant energy   savings.LED puck lamps are perfect for new built homes. These are designed to   be connected directly to your main volt line to save majorly on your   electricity consumption. Regarding the flexibility, they are available in   cool white and warm white LED’s. These help you to provide the best look and   feel as per your tastes or business needs.

Recessed lights are used   indoors or outside from the floor to the ceiling. These are basically used to   highlight certain focal point. An example of it is to draw attention to steps   or the edge of the pool. This method is a favorite use with art galleries and   outdoor gardens.

The key to proper lighting   is to plan. So plan it properly the areas you want highlight or the areas you   want to give dramatic look and choose your options accordingly.