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Tommy Bahama Decorating Ideas

Tommy Bahama Decorating Ideas

Tommy Bahama is a company dedicated to providing goods that   represent “life on the island”.    It is a life without pressure, connecting with the simple joys of life   and understanding life with the rhythms of the world.  You can enjoy the ocean, play a round of   golf with friends, or just go back and relax in your own living   room.

Appropriate home decor to the lifestyle

The type of furniture that says “comfort” often depends   on your lifestyle.  If you’re the type   of person who values ??texture and a comfortable place to make a statement or   have furniture to match, your home is going to have some kind of eclectic   feel to it.  If you are a person who   likes to pursue matching things, coordinating colors or a general decoration   topic, this wish will have an effect on your furniture and equipment   selection.  Sometimes people use their   home to show their passions, for example as a baseball fan or an art   lover.  These things can even sneak in   if you don’t really think about them – spend enough time on them, and your   place will reflect them.

Shared rooms vs.  personal   spaces

If you have a family, you may need to provide shelter for other   people’s tastes.  Your living room,   kitchen and dining area may need to reflect the combined tastes.  Neutral colors, cheerful wall treatments   and generally practical objects can characterize common rooms and at the same   time exude the highest comfort atmosphere.    On the other hand, you can give the teenagers in your family some   leeway in decorating their rooms and giving them the opportunity to express   themselves in spaces that don’t need to be shared.  The Tommy Bahama interior gives you many   opportunities to develop a comfortably furnished home that has both shared   and private spaces and says, “Welcome home.    Sit back and take a load off.    “Good taste and comfort can really go hand in hand.  Below are ten examples of how you can upgrade   your home with decorating ideas from Tommy Bahama.

Expandable table

This tamarind colored table goes well with any large dark rug and   adds to the decor in the dining room.    This table offers space for up to ten people and can be up to 30 cm   long for special occasions.  The legs   have a rotated woodcut so they can work with many traditional styles and   candle holders on the table.

Configurable living   room set

This set gives your room a contemporary style with its two over   two designs.  The frame is made of   solid wood, so it works well on any light floor.  While the gray fabrics help bring a darker   tone to an off-white wall color, or add a darker table and decor to   both.  The natural finish allows you to   work with a modern style.

Club dining   table

This table is ideal for your tropical style room.  The cherry wood color goes well with   outdoor themes or outdoors on your patio or poolside.  When this table is surrounded by bright   green plants, it highlights both and creates an island paradise feel.  When this table is fully extended it can   seat ten people and adds a warm feeling to any meeting or   gathering.

Coastal sofa

A beige sofa adds a lot to a room that can create a light look or   go as the perfect contrast piece with a dark shade of wood.  The wooden supports and arm panels are a   Palm Coast color in their braided look and provide a cheerful medium for   their colors.  Its light color and   luster are enhanced by natural sunlight.

Canopy bed

With a dark traditional cut, this bed has a regal British   design.  The dark tones go well with a   bright room or can add flavor to a modern bedroom with veneer.  The top post frame can be removed if   necessary or desired to increase visibility.    This bed is big enough for a queen size mattress to comfortably fit   on.

Dining table

This table is a dark shade of wood with elegance and style.  The base has a flat board opposite for   those who need to lift their feet a little without blocking others.  The chairs match the table with their dark   wood tone and woven mesh back and sides.    This piece works well on lighter floors, which makes it really stand   out.

Canopy   configurable bedroom set

The dark brown tone of this set can give the room a strong   presence.  The four-poster bed has the   same tone as the other parts and they blend together.  The set contains a number of chests of   drawers with elaborate workmanship.    Each piece screams elegance and quality and can finish an empty space   in no time.

Panel bed

A light wood tone and veneers give this bed a high-quality   tropical flair in every bright bedroom.    The textured bamboo legs add a high level of elegance, as do the   rounded posts on each leg.  The   Lampakanai fabric makes a strong statement

2-piece coffee table   set

The coffee set is made of very dark wood and forms a nice contrast   to a light floor or marble floor.  The   rivets on the border give you a sense of nobility with this set contrasted   with the walnut finish.  The side table   has two drawers for additional storage space as well as a drawer in the   coffee table.

52 ”TV stand

This maple TV stand is open and tropical.  The TV stand has a strong bamboo structure   on the legs and body itself and works well for any lighter home setup.  It works well if you want to lighten the   feel on dark hardwood floors as well.    The two shelves have an open front so that you can see what’s inside   through the wooden doors.