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Tips for refinishing hardwood floors

Tips for refinishing hardwood floors

Hardwood   floors are known to be long lasting and highly durable. The rich look that   they provide is what lures people towards this kind of flooring although it   is little expensive. Hardwood floors are extremely easy to maintain and clean   but there are times when scratches start appearing on the floor or some area   of the floor starts wearing off. This could look really very bad if left the   way it is. It is important to know about refinishing hardwood   floors.

Why refinishing hardwood floor is   necessary?

Like mentioned earlier, over the course of time the hardwood floor   suffers from scratches and marks. The area with heavy traffic and use starts   wearing off. Also, heavy furniture could contribute in deterioration of the   floor. If this wearing off and scratches are not addressed properly, it could   increase to more surrounding area and eventually damaging the floor further.   Apart from this reasons, the area of the floor which is not in much use loses   it shine. This stands out very evidently, disturbing the overall aesthetics   of the house. Hence, refinishing hardwood floor is necessary to increase its   durability.

How to do the refinish the hardwood   floor?

There are two ways by which this can be done. One is manually by   you and second is by calling a professional to do it.

If you want to do it manually, here is what you have to do. Get a   buffer and start rebuffing the floor. Make sure that you do it properly   without much variation in every part. Later you can evenly apply a coat of   varnish or polyurethane of your choice to give a finishing look. This method   is used when scratches and scuffs are not very visible.

If wearing has happened to a greater extent, then sanding off the   entire previous coat, apply a new stain and then reapplying varnish 2-3 coats   is more preferable.

A professional would do either of the two methods but his   precision would be better than an amateur one’s.

How to maintain refinished hardwood   floors?

After refinishing hardwood floors, it is very essential that for   the next seven days proper care is taken in order to maintain its quality.   Here are few things tha you can do to maintain it; do not let dust settle on   the floor, keep doors and windows closed. Avoid moving heavy furniture and   reduce traffic on the floor as far as possible. Avoid using vacuum cleaner   for few days.

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