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Tips for bathroom wall tiles:

Tips for bathroom wall tiles:

Tiles   are a great way of changing the whole look of your room. It adds to the   colour, renovation as well as the style of the room. Tile layout is the kind   of the whole bathroom makeover. All you need to do is to carefully plan the   layout of the bathroom wall tiles and then plan the lighting and niche   locations and plumbing fixtures as well. If you do not do careful planning on   all these factors, then there are chances of lack of perfection. There are   certain industry guidelines and local codes that need to be taken care   of:

  • You need to plan the niches and the framing headers beforehand.   Planning from the beginning is good because then you do the separate works   accordingly. There is no need of the plumber to work later damaging the   bathroom wall tiles but has completed all his work   beforehand.
  • All the places of cabinet, sink and toilet etc should be   specified beforehand so that there is no difficulty in setting up the tiles   later on. Specification beforehand is good in the sense that one has a   knowhow of how to do the place.
  • The electrical places and wiring areas or the lights should also   be selected first.
  • A sealing tile is good for enhancing the tiles. Apart from that,   it is necessary to check the tiles on the areas so that there are no broken   tiles on the important spaces.
  • Every stage needs a lot of time and patience.