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The steps involved in sanding wood floors

The steps involved in sanding wood floors

These   days almost every person wants to have a hardwood floor in their houses. This   type of floor looks very elegant and luxurious. But the problem is that it   needs very high maintenance. Thus you should be ready to spend some time and   money on it after every 2 years or so. It comes with an incredible benefit   however that you can change or renew its look by refinishing. And the very   first step to do that is sanding wood floors. This post is dedicated to the   entire sanding process. You will get step by step instructions   here.

Initial preparations

The first thing to do is to prepare the room and the floor as well   as yourself. Seal the doors and windows with tape so than no dust enters the   room as it can stick with the wet floor. You should nail down any loose block   of woods to ensure smooth sanding. Then you need to gather all the equipments   that you are going to need. This involves cleaning supplies, sandpaper, walk   behind sander, hand sander, etc. The most important things are goggles,   gloves, dust mask and ear protection. It is not a dangerous process but you   should still be very careful when doing something for the first   time.

Getting started

If the walk behind drum sander is ready to use you should get on   with the work. On the other hand if the sander needs some preparations like   feeding sandpaper then do that first. You can easily find details about that   anywhere on the internet. When you are ready to get started do not forget to   wear protection gear. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that taking   the sander to the next wood block at an angle of 90° can damage the block.   Thus you should try to keep a 45° angle throughout. So, you will have to sand   the floor diagonally. This can be very difficult if you start without a plan.   So according to the size and shape of the floor decide a particular patter   that you will follow.

Finish the job

Once you are done with the drum sander, you can take a hand sander   and take care of the spots you missed. The placed even hand sander cannot   reach are for the sandpaper. Do not leave any spot and very careful go   through the whole room twice or thrice. If you do this properly you are   successfully done with sanding wood floors.