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The most important things to know before
buying wood plank flooring

The most important things to know before buying wood plank flooring

Giving   best interior to home is your responsibility. It may be a modernization or   renovation plan. Obviously, wide plank wood flooring is the best thing in the   business. Purchasing a wood floor material needs lots of information and   detail. They are costly so don’t get cheated due to your   ignorance.

Know these factors before   buying.

There are lots of materials used as wide plank wood flooring such   as antique, exotic and domestic flooring, etc. These floors differ in length,   size, width, moisture content, and grades. Be sure you’re picking a suitable   option for your home. Also, these woods come with defects such as production   defects, milling issues, loading defects and abnormal moisture   content.

Types of Wood

Antique plank flooring material comes from American chestnut   forest trees, which are rare substance. Similarly, England has white pine and   yellow pine tree both can give antique sense to home. This type of wood is   costlier due to its availability and gives unique patina sense to   home.

Wide plank wood flooring is favorite brands in domestic interiors.   This wide plank offers durability and aesthetically looks to home with an   economic cost. It is quite stable that’s why snow bowling and basketball   court use it extensively. You can expect more than ten years of life   expectancy from a plank flooring from an average condition.

Durability is the strength of exotic plank flooring. Plank wood   mostly available in African countries such as Costa Rica, Venezuela, and hot   Brazil. The redness of this wood adds aesthetic and warmth to the home.   Moreover, red Peruvian walnut plank is largely prepared in the   US.

Make sure that you purchase narrow plank wood with more nails.   Woods is reactive to climatic condition. In stormy weather, wood tends to   expand on the other hand in winter seasons they tend to shrink more. Make   sure you maintain a study temperature in rooms.


Wide plank wood flooring is costlier, and it needs attention when   come to maintenance. Don’t use water to clean the floor, because moisture can   create a bulge on the floor and damage the texture. Don’t drag the heavy   furniture to move from one part of the home to another. It can create marks   and even remove the edges. The smart choice is to pick the furniture up and   put it another location. There is a lot of wax available on the market to   clean the floor and make it bright, fresh and shiny. Picking a real wood is a   hard choice, but it become easier when you get enough knowledge from   Internet.