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Creative Tapestry Designs for Every Room  in Your Home

Creative Tapestry Designs for Every Room in Your Home

You want the tapestry you choose to express your interests and feel perfectly in sync with the rest of your decor.  Here are some tapestry styles and patterns for you to choose from that go with your home decor:

Do you want a colorful tapestry that requires attention?

Tapestries are a great way to add a pop of color to your white walls.  If you want a colorful tapestry, Mandala and abstract tapestries and wall hangings can be a good choice.

  • Try an orange and red mandala tapestry if you want Add warmth in your room.  If you prefer cool tones, there are some fascinating combinations of blue, purple, and white.
  • Abstract tapestries complement a modern decoration scheme.  If you want the tapestry to hang on your wall a piece of art You can get lost, an abstract tapestry pattern is perfect for you.  You can choose a subtle pastel color combination or opt for loud, contrasting colors that make a statement.

Do you want to show your love for travel?

If you are a wandering soul who loves to travel and incorporate jewelry and decorations from around the world into your décor, the décor on your wall should complement that. Tapestries and wall hangings of cities, countries or maps can be a great addition to your home.

  • A tapestry of your favorite city or country can be interesting Conversation starter.  Or you can put the land that’s on yours Travel basket list on your wall so that you will always be reminded of what you are striving for.
  • Card rugs can be a great addition to any decor.  Choose a card that is colorful or has abstract elements in it if you’d like your home to have one modern, minimalist look to.  When you want your tapestry to match yours bohemian styleChoose an antique looking card with beige and yellow tones.

Would you like a touch of nature on your wall?

If you want your room to feel like an escape from the busy city life, Tapestries and wall hangings with landscapes, nature or beach scenes are perfect for you.

  • Tapestries with nature can be added calming energy to your home.  You can Express your love for nature by choosing a tapestry with mountains, rivers or trees.
  • If you’re constantly waiting for summer and you’re feeling happiest on the beach, you can Bring joy into your home with a nautical tapestry.  You can Make every day like a vacation by choosing a tapestry featuring the beach, waves, or boats.