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Stunning Swan Chair Designs and
Inspiration for Your Home Decor

Stunning Swan Chair Designs and Inspiration for Your Home Decor

The design of the Swan Lounge Chair was created by Arne Jacobsen –   the legendary Finnish modernist and an icon of architecture and design of the   20th century.  The Swan Chair,   manufactured by the furniture company of the Republic Fritz Hansen, has been   in constant production since its introduction in 1958.  Despite its considerable age, this timeless   piece of furniture still looks extravagant and fascinating and is therefore a   great, tasteful addition to any modern interior.


The Swan Chair was developed in 1958 together with the Egg Chair   and the Drop Chair to furnish the lobby of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in   Copenhagen.  The entire building, along   with its interior and furnishings, was designed by Arne Jacobsen for the   Scandinavian Airline System (SAS).    While working on the hotel’s project, Jacobsen, who had worked as a   landscape architect in the past, pursued a “modern garden”   theme.  The result was the organic,   oval shape of the chair, which matches the rest of the furniture developed   for the hotel.  The first prototypes of   the egg and the swan were built by Jacobsen in the garage of his house in   Klampenborg north of Copenhagen.

The chair, which was enthusiastically received by the public and   critics, was mass-produced.  It is   commercially available under the Republic of Fritz Hansen trademark.  The Danish manufacturer began working with   Arne Jacobsen in 1934. Since then, Jacobsen has provided the company with   many memorable furniture designs, including the following: the Ant Chair, the   Series 7 Chair, the Grand Prix Chair, the Drop Chair and of course the iconic   Swan and Egg stools.


Although many people would certainly engage in polemics because of   the questionable appeal of the SAS hotel, the design of the Swan Chair leaves   no room for such discussion.  Its   innovative futuristic design, combined with the immaculate quality of   craftsmanship, has given the chair a very special place in the history of   interior design.  Although the chair   looks like a masterpiece of modern art, it is fully functional and very   comfortable.  Perhaps the most   distinctive feature of the chair is its shell, which has no straight   lines.  With its famous, soft curves,   the chair looks like a swan when viewed from the side.  Hence the name of the chair – “The   Swan Chair”.  The shell is made   from the fiberglass, which is molded into the desired shape.  The shell curves around the person sitting   in it, giving the chair its famous cozy, intimate feel.  The curved armrests and the generous   backrest give the chair a relaxing lounge feel.  The high level of comfort is due to the   cold-cured, high-density polyurethane foam, which is then covered with either   supple, high-quality leather or fabric covers in a variety of colors.  The chair is supported by a steel spindle   and a rectangular steel plate that is attached to the base of the shell with   four Allen screws.

The individual parts are welded and surface-treated with matt   zinc.  The swivel assembly rests on a   4-star base made of injection-molded aluminum.  In addition, the base is equipped with   synthetic glides to protect the surface of the floor.  The Swan Chair is available in two different   heights, standard or +8 cm versions.    The chair comes with a full five year warranty against manufacturing   defects.  By registering your chair on   the website of the Republic of Fritz Hansen, the guarantee is extended and   includes a 5-year guarantee on the swivel mechanism, automatic return,   material and leather defects (Basic Leather) and a 10-year guarantee on the   base, shell and Selection of high quality leather upholstery.

The overall look of the chair is extremely appealing and   stylish.  Even today, more than five   decades after its presentation, when modernity is no longer an extravagant or   radical concept, the Swan Chair has neither aged nor become banal.  It still looks fresh and contemporary.  An ideal chair for lounge or waiting areas   as well as a tasteful addition to any modern home.