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String Lights Ideas

String Lights Ideas

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor lighting depends on your   purposes.  An easy way to think about   it is If you plan to use them indoors, get indoor lighting.  If you are going to use them outdoors, get   some outdoor lights.

This becomes a little more complex when the lights are designed   for use.  Some lights are specifically   outdoor lights, some are advertised as indoor lights, and some can be used   for both. Carefully check the labels on the lights before   buying them. You should indicate whether they   can be used indoors, outdoors, or both.

The reason for the difference is that many outdoor lights are made   with it heavier materials to stay longer, like   all night.  Outdoor lights are also   built to withstand the elements.    Indoor lights are more sensitive because they are not as exposed to   electrical loads or elements.    Attempting to use the lighting outside of the intended purpose can, in   the worst case scenario, result in a fire.    It is therefore a security problem.

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