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Storing your bedroom rugs

Storing your bedroom rugs

It   is not advisable to just stuff your bedroom rugs in any place because they   can easily attract pests among other unwanted debris in your house. With this   tips, you will be able to safely store your bedroom rugs and help them retain   their great condition for future use.

What you need:

There are certain things that you have to do before storing your   bedroom rugs;

  • A canvas sheet, preferably a cotton sheet
  • The most suitable cleaning detergent
  • A very suitable storage space

Cleaning your bedroom rug

First, you have to ensure that the rug is thoroughly cleaned to   avoid attracting insects, vermin and deterioration once stored. Cleaning   entails; vacuuming the rug and airing it under the sun.

After cleaning your bedroom rug, you are required to moth proof   it; you can either moth proof it using treatments for stored fabric in your   home or you can opt for the commercial treatments. It I significant to   consider the value of your bedroom rug when deciding the type of moth proof t   use.

Dry the storage area

Make sure that the storage area is not humid because a lot of   humidity can cause your bedroom rug to curl on its edges. In addition, you   have to ensure that the temperature in your storage compartment is kept even.   It is important to keep the rugs in shape and if they happen to be curled,   you can steam them back into their initial state.

Fold your bedroom rug carefully in either canvas or plastic cloth   and store it in its secluded compartment.  The main purpose of wrapping   your bedroom rug is to protect it from catching dust and cob   webs.


  • You have to check the bedroom rug every six months to ensure that   it is not damaged by insects or moisture and if you realize that there are   any issues, you have to address them immediately before they destroy your   bathroom rug. Ensure that you also treat their storage area from moisture,   vermin or insects.
  • Rugs also breath, therefore it is advisable to wrap them in   cotton instead of complex plastic wraps.
  • You have to keep your rugs away from direct sunlight when storing   to avoid spoiling their general look.

The benefit of following the above procedure is to ensure that   your rug stays in good condition for future use and also protects your house   from being infested with pests and dirt.