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Stay safe with stair runners

Stay safe with stair runners

Stairs can become a nightmare for   anyone especially when you are trying to find your way out down the stairs   during a power cut. As the time passes the stone staircases tend to become   smooth and slippery and their edges wear off and the wooden staircases tend   to chip off. If you have old parents, toddlers or growing children in your   home things may worsen as they are more prone to accidental falls and   slipping down the stairs. Many of us have a tendency to miss a couple of   steps while climbing up or down the stairs in hurry which may lead to our   fall and a broken back.

Preventive   Measure

One cannot simply get rid   of staircases as they are an integral part of any systematic house. There are   many ways to make staircases accident free. One such option is to use   staircase rugs or stair runners. They are special type of rugs which can be   nailed or glued to your staircase to reduce the impact of the fall. They   provide enough friction during the fall so that the person can recover   his/her balance easily and even if he/she slip the injuries are   minimal.


Quality of stair runners   should not be compromised as they will require high maintenance and have   limited lifespan. In order to last your rug long enough you should not settle   for a cheap rug in first place.  These rugs can be matched with the   carpets in your house or can easily be customised according to the stair case   itself. There are plenty of options available to choose from online portals.