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Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter

Sitting excessively contributes to obesity, cardiovascular   disease, type II diabetes, and various forms of cancer, according to a study   titled “Sick of Sitting”.  To   counteract the problem, it is advisable to shorten the sitting   time.

However, this would also mean converting your work desk into a   “standing desk”, which could be expensive and complicated.  Fortunately, there is an easier and more   economical way to do this.  Introduced   the Stand Up Desk Converter, a device that efficiently converts part of your   workstation into a high desk.

In this article, we are going to give you some standing desk   converter suggestions and buying guide to help you choose the right one for   you.  Let’s get to that in a   moment.

Portable adjustable   aluminum laptop desk

If you are looking for a stand up desk converter specifically   designed for laptops, this is one of your best options.  Since these are mostly laptops, the product   does not need to accommodate other devices such as external monitors,   speakers and keyboards.  As a result,   you have a very optimized unit.

The product is also very versatile.  Because each leg has three joints that you   can rotate and lock, this standing desk converter can transform into a   variety of shapes.  It can hold your   laptop while you sit on a couch, lie on a bed, or stand in front of a   desk.

The device is also equipped with USB fans to prevent your laptop   from overheating.

Premium   standing desk converter, sit-to-stand in seconds

This is a standing desk converter that seems to work like   magic.  In its starting position, the   device acts like a normal compartment.    However, you can raise the top and the legs will expand above the base   to form a raised desk.  All of this can   be done in just a few seconds.  It is   also not necessary to carry out any form of assembly.

The maximum height is 15 inches and the minimum is 2.5   inches.  Of course you can adjust the   height between maximum and minimum.

With a work area of ??32 x 20 inches, it offers plenty of space   for your devices.  In fact, this   standing desk converter can accommodate two monitors.

Computer   Monitor Mount Arm with Keyboard Tray

This is one of the best products if you are looking for something   that takes up the least space.  In   addition, the robot-like arm makes it look high-tech and   modern.

The device only needs to be attached to the edge of a table.  From there, it can then hold a monitor,   keyboard, and mouse by the arm of the device.    This arm system also offers great flexibility as you can adjust it up   and down.  You can “swipe” it   left or right.  In fact, you can easily   swing out your monitor, keyboard, and mouse whenever you need more desk   space.

As a bonus, the main stand of the device has a USB plug for   charging or powering other USB-based devices.

Pneumatically   adjustable standing desk converter

This is a stylish desk converter with a lot more options to hide   under the hood.  It’s a desk that fits   from a tray to stand, but comes with premium features.

On the one hand, the device is supplied with air cylinders that   enable smooth and gentle adjustment.    It also comes with a spring-loaded bumper system that prevents   mechanical shocks that can damage your electronics.

The maximum height is 32 inches.    Even at such heights, the device remains stable thanks to the finely   designed legs and base.  The device has   beveled edges that allow maximum hand and forearm comfort.  The structured surface ensures that your   devices do not slip or fall unnecessarily.

Standing desk   converter

This standing desk converter is a product specially designed to   lift your desk effortlessly.  The   device has a spring system under the desk area.  Pressing a lever on the left side of the   product releases the spring, allowing you to easily, smoothly and evenly lift   the device.  It also means the product   is very convenient as you don’t have to unload your devices from your desk   before making adjustments.

The device can be raised up to 17 inches.  With 22 different settings, it is no   problem to find a height that is right for you.  The device also offers space for a monitor   and other small desk items (e.g. stapler, adhesive tape, pen   holder).

Adjustable   standing desk converter

The sixth product on our list is a stand-up desk converter that   offers a great combination of style and functionality.  The white finish, the natural colors of   aluminum and the slim design give the device an aura of simple   sophistication.  The aesthetics of the   device aren’t the only thing that makes it a great choice,   however.

The product is delivered with a two-layer structure as soon as it   has been converted into a standing desk.    There is one level for the monitor and another for the keyboard and   mouse.  Such a configuration allows   great comfort and ease.

Another great feature is the gas spring which allows easy   adjustment.  The spring helps lift   while the gas allows for a smoother and smoother transition.

Easy   Pull Home Office Standing Desk Converter

This next product is a pull-up style stand up desk converter that   gives you plenty of space.  With a work   area of ??31.5 x 20.5 inches, the device even offers space for two monitors,   which leave plenty of space for other small items.

The product is a two-layer system.    This means that there is a primary level for the monitor and other   elements, and a separate level for the keyboard and mouse.  The device has three height settings.  The lowest one comes in at a height of 6.3   inches while it can stand 15.6 inches when fully extended.

Note that the device will not flatten completely at the lowest   setting.  Instead, it retains its   two-tier setup, which is ideal for some.

Ergonomically   adjustable standing desk converter

The disadvantage of a failed stand-up desk converter is the   cost.  The more sophisticated it gets,   the higher the final price.  Some   buyers are just looking for a standing desk converter that just works fine   without the fancy additions.  If this   sounds like you, this device might be the perfect one.

Despite the lack of fancy features, it covers the essentials   beautifully.  It comes with a sleek and   sleek design that works well with most office styles.  The height is adjustable and the primary   work area offers plenty of space.  It’s   also a two-tier system that works great for the usual monitor and keyboard   combination.

Height-adjustable   standing desk

This is a black stand up desk converter that works without any   assembly whatsoever.  The unit is a   two-tier system, ie it has a primary and a secondary layer.  The product also has eight height settings,   which is more than sufficient for most consumers.

The primary layer offers a lot of space.  It offers space for two monitors, a coffee   cup and still offers a lot of space.    The second layer offers comfortable space for a keyboard and   mouse.

The device is made of high quality materials.  The flat surfaces are made of wood, which   is always a beautiful material for desks.    The hardware is made of stainless steel, which is one step higher than   conventional aluminum.

Foldable laptop table   stand

The last product on our list is a stand-up desk converter that is   primarily designed for portability and versatility.  With lightweight materials and a   collapsible structure, it’s one unit that you can easily take with you   anywhere.  It’s also flexible enough   that you can adjust the height and incline of the table.

The legs are firmly attached to the bottom of the table to prevent   wobbling.  The non-slip rubber on the   feet and the mouse stopper on the desk only improve the robustness.

When the desk is fully extended it can stand at 13 inches.  The lowest height setting allows the device   to stand at 9.5 inches.  In addition to   a standing desk, the device can also be used as a reading stand, tablet   stand, TV tray or breakfast tray.

So what should you   get

When buying a table stand-up converter, the first thing you should   avoid falling into the trap of having something for everyone.  Every person has different wants and needs,   and you want the one that can offer you more benefits with the least amount   of disadvantage.  With that clarified,   it’s time to cover some of the finer details.


As you may have noticed, stand up desk converter prices vary a   lot.  Hence, it is better to start on a   clear budget before considering a single article.  If you do it the other way around, you will   likely spend too much.

Another important point is to make sure you are on your   pre-defined budget.


Height is arguably the most important factor to consider when   purchasing a stand-up desk converter.    In most cases, a desktop stand-up converter is placed on a regular   desk.  Therefore, measuring the correct   height also depends on the height of the desk.

First, stand in front of the desk where you will place the   product.  Then raise your forearm until   it reaches a 90-degree angle with your upper arm.  While staying in this position, you’ll want   to measure the distance between your hand and the top of the desk to get the   optimal height.  Whenever you buy a   table stand up converter, make sure it has a height adjustment that takes   into account the optimal height you just received.

Note that the 90 degree angle is considered optimal.  If the arms and hands are at a higher   angle, the standing desk converter is unnecessarily stressed.  Such a scenario could cause the unit to   collapse due to the added weight.  If   the angle is less than 90 degrees, your wrist is in an awkward and tense   position.  Remaining in such a position   causes discomfort in the short term and can lead to more serious problems   (e.g. tendinitis, arthritis) in the long term.


Another key factor is the device you put on top of the stand up   desk converter.  In most cases it is a   combination of laptop or monitor, keyboard and mouse.  Standing desk converters are usually   designed specifically for one of the two purposes.  Of course, some units can handle both.  However, it is likely to be more expensive   compared to a device that specializes in one type of device.

Material basics

The materials used can significantly affect the aesthetics, cost,   and longevity of the device.  Hence, it   is a factor that requires more attention than most people would   convey.

The conventional materials used to make a standing desk converter   are stainless steel, aluminum, wood and plastic.  Most of the time, some material types are   combined into one unit.

Below are a few brief points about the primary   materials.

  •     Stainless steel – Durable but can be   expensive.
  •     aluminum – Light but prone to scratches and   dents.
  •     Wood – Very nice, but can be   expensive.
  •     plastic – Very economical, but not   durable.

There are other factors that you should consider when purchasing a   device.  However, never forget the key   points mentioned above as they will serve as the basis for making a smart   purchase decision.