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Sofa suites and their benfits

Sofa suites and their benfits

Sofa   suites are a collection of sofas, notwithstanding their differences in   functions, features, styles, shapes and designs. Sofas come in different   forms. They could either be a chair (sofa chair or couch) or a bed (sofa   bed).


A sofa chair or couch is a piece of furniture created for seating   at least 3 persons. They are in a bench form. They come either having arm   rests or not, fully upholstered or not and are often times fitted with   tailored cushions and springs. Although a sofa chair is created basically for   sitting, it can also be used for resting, eating and sleeping. In most homes,   sofa chairs are usually found in the living room, family room, sitting room,   lounge or den. They are also found at lobbies, hotels, bars and waiting   rooms. A sofa chair consists of a frame, the padding and covering. The frames   are most times created with wood, however there are frames made with plastic,   laminated boards and steel.

Under the upholstery, the wood used is made from a particular type   of wood which is free of defects, bark or knots. This wood is the kiln dried   maple wood. The woods for the back, arms and legs can be fruitwoods, walnut,   mahogany or maple. Materials like fabric, feathers, foam or the combination   of all are used for sofa padding. Furthermore, materials like linen fabric,   corduroy and sofa leather are used to make sofa coverings.


Sofa beds on the other hand are pieces of furniture which have   metal frames and mattress beneath the seating cushions. The mattress which is   usually thing can be opened up or infolded to create a bed.  Some sofa   beds are known for using futon mattresses. The sofa bed’s mattress is if 3   basic types, which are the spring sofa mattress, foam sofa mattress and the   pocket-coil mattress.


Sofa suites are a collection of all kinds of sofa. These sofas are   usually very beautiful and attractive as they are created in various designs   that would captivate people.  Their unique designs are mind blowing and   ravishing, they add beauty and aesthetics to a room.