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Small Sofa & A Loveseat

Small Sofa & A Loveseat

There are as many different types and styles of sofas and love   seats as there are houses!  If you’re   looking for something that will suit the unique aesthetic of your home, it’s   a good idea to start with Find out what the aesthetics of your   home are.  Look around   your home with a discerning eye.  Think   about these questions:

  • Are there any Colours which are   mainly presented in my house?
  • What is the Overall feeling of my   home in terms of hues (i.e. are the colors in your home light   and airy or dark and somber)?
  • Is there a specific decor genre that   my furniture tends to fall?  Are you   more interested in detailed baroque pieces or the streamlined silhouettes of   modern mid-century forms?  Do all of   the pieces that make up your home lean towards the same design inspiration,   or do you have more of a vintage aesthetic that doesn’t   match?
  • Are there any Basic shapes and lines   that back in my house?  For example,   are there a lot of angles or do most things have rounded or curved edges?

If you’re thinking of adding new furniture to your home, you have   one of two options.  You can choose whether your new furniture   will completely match the general appearance of your home, or whether you   want to highlight your new small sofa or love seat.

If you choose to combine your new furniture with a similar look,   you will accomplish a few goals: You will make your home more neutral and   less busy which can help make your home more relaxed!

However, if you decide on a color or style of love seat that is   completely opposite to the aesthetics of your home, You create   a focus point and a conversation starter.  This can give your home a very modern look   that is easy on the eye!  Choose a   vintage sofa or loveseat if your home is minimal and modern, or a   streamlined, simple Scandinavian piece if most of your home is busier and   more traditional.  This is a great way   to branch out and feel creative while decorating your home!