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A Compact Dresser for Your Home

A Compact Dresser for Your Home

Because a dresser essentially a Stack of drawers   that you can use for storage out of sightOne of the most   important considerations to make is this Number of drawers   required.  However, with   a small dresser, you expected size restrictions.

The most important thing is to start over Measure   the available space.    Keep in mind that a standard dresser is about waist-high (that is,   about 26 to 44 inches), 16 to 20 inches deep, and between two and five feet   wide.  That is a lot of deviations!  A smaller dresser is likely to be less deep   and less wide, but it potentially can be very large to take   advantage of the vertical height.  This means that you can choose a low,   narrow little dresser with just two or three drawers, or have up to seven or   eight and look more like a tower of box-shaped drawers.

How many drawers should you choose?

  • Start your measurements to see what’s available.  Narrow your search criteria so you don’t   see anything that is too wide for your space.

  • Then, Take into account your storage   needs.  Just have a few   bells and whistles that you need to stash?    Do you buy this little chest of drawers for a small amount of clothes   (for example, for a small children’s room)?    If so, you probably just need to two to three   drawers.  But if you   need as much storage space as possible, e.g.    B. If you live in a smaller space, we recommend a tip!  Go as big as you can.  There are small, narrow dressers that have   as many as five or six Drawers;  Choose one of these for your space to save   as much as possible!