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Sheet vinyl flooring, an inexpensive

Sheet vinyl flooring, an inexpensive alternative

Sheet   vinyl flooring is a very common choice for flooring in homes and apartment   buildings and for good reason. Fairly easy to install, and while not quite as   durable as other flooring alternatives, sheet vinyl flooring does offer a   varied and attractive appearance when installed and cared for   properly.

Details to Consider

There are different grades of wear surfaces, with varying degrees   of durability when it comes to longevity in holding up under foot traffic.   The amount of foot traffic and/or family size is something that should be   considered when choosing a grade of sheet vinyl flooring. A family with   children will need a higher quality selection with a longer wear rating, all   the more if pets are in the picture too. Another factor impacting both color   and durability will be whether the color is inlayed into the vinyl where even   a slight gouge won’t be readily seen because the color and pattern are   inlayed throughout the thickness of the vinyl. Of course, this feature will   cost more than a color or pattern that is simply imprinted on the surface of   the vinyl. Imprinted will wear off more easily, show up more with any   gouging, and consequently cost less also.

Installation   Considerations

Color pattern will be a consideration too, and for more than the   obvious reason of coordinating with the surrounding appointments in the room.   The complexity of the pattern, amount of cuts to be made, fixtures to work   around and whether the installer is a hired professional or a weekend do it   yourselfer. Most sheet vinyl flooring can be installed by a homeowner with   basic tools and know how, but cutting around obstacles in a room and matching   patterns across cut lines can get tricky and may need more technique and   experience than a typical home owner may have.

As with other flooring products, the condition of the sub-floor   underneath is of utmost importance. All areas that are to be covered should   be free from any dust that would prevent a good glue bond from occurring and   particles that would transfer and leave bumps and imprints in the finished   vinyl floor.

What to do

As was alluded to earlier in this article, sheet vinyl flooring   can be damaged through routine use. Dropping a sharp object on it, for   example, can create a gouge or even a cut in the material. Will this result   in needing the flooring replaced? Probably not. Regardless, if you are   looking for a floor covering that costs less in material cost and is easier,   therefore less expensive to install, sheet vinyl flooring should be a   consideration.