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The Timeless Beauty of Secretary Desks

The Timeless Beauty of Secretary Desks

Antic / rustic

These are the closest to the original French   Escritoire stylewhile maintaining its   18th century aura – baroque and lavish in appearance and crafted with   passionate complexity.  Their   outstanding properties:

  • Mainly solid wood construction
  • Elaborate carving and inlay with mainly decorative   shapes
  • Paw legs with outwardly curved shape
  • Rich high gloss wood
  • Decorative metal handles, buttons, bolts and rivets

They integrate well in a like-minded environment – an ornate sofa,   mirror, photo frame, and entertainment unit are a few   examples.

Antique / rustic secretary desks are in spacious maisonette apartments   or independent houses in the middle of one opulent   culture.  If you’re in   that league, you’ll pay for one of these pieces.


This style is characterized by Bas-relief hand   carving and natural wood in glossy and semi-glossy shine.  The slanting top and roll top products belong   to this traditional style.  They can   belong to medium-sized apartments and independent houses.  Combine a traditional desk with a hard   floor – preferably wood or vinyl, dry flowers, and sepia-colored pictures   above the desk.

Mid century

This furniture era has that Scandinavian   footprint of simple shapes, angular rather than curved, with   no or minimal surface decoration and ornamentation and sloping legs.  The tradition has been in secretariats as   functional and feature-rich style with calm   elegance.  You will   notice it for its simplicity.  Starting   from the dark wood surfaces, this style successfully experiments with lighter   tones, even white and ivory tones.    Medium-sized homes are best for this style.  Ceramic flower vases with white lilies, an   upholstered sofa in white or pastel, flowing curtains made of light nets and   an elegant chandelier – that is the idyllic imagery for the style of the   mid-century.

Modern and   contemporary

That is a independent American desk style that   breaks away from European influence.  It’s cosmopolitan, bold, and liberal, and   isn’t afraid to experiment with colors, shapes, shapes, and materials.  Modern and contemporary secretary desks   spoil you with functional comfort and an eye-catching appearance.  A white wooden frame with a bright orange   desk and black drawers or black powder-coated aluminum legs that support a   white work surface with olive green drawers – “Hybrid” defines the   American modern and contemporary style.

Whichever desk you buy, complement it with a deep-sunk black sofa   and lounge chair.  We Americans love   comfort after a day on the desk.


These desks are created to provide Maximum function   value in a small space so that they fulfill their purpose   within a limited mileage.  Light,   informal, even casual, yet efficient, they adapt to any workspace – be it an   office, home, or commercial facility.

The design orientation of Urban Desks is towards   vertical vertical and horizontal surfaces with   angles and sharp edges.  And they’re   usually bright. They look attractive in a light and airy setting with pastel   walls, planters, and a fireplace.