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Round glass coffee table is the new style

Round glass coffee table is the new style statement

Coffee tables are most sought after   while looking for an appropriate furniture for the living room. They are   usually paired up with a sofa set or simple wooden chairs gathered around to   enjoy the evening tea or have a casual conversation with friends and   family.

They come in several shapes   and sizes like rectangle, square, hexagon, oval etc. However, recently round   coffee tables have become more popular due to the sheer reason that they are   compact and occupy very little space. Also, in absence of sharp corners you   are less likely to get hurt if you brush past the table. Initially people had   the perception that round tables occupy more space and hence are not a good   option. But clearly this perception is fading away as the sale of round   tables has improved dramatically.

Round tables can have   either a glass or wood top. Depending on your taste you can choose either of   them. Round glass coffee table is suggested for those who don’t want to   bother themselves with the maintenance of a good quality wood table. Glass   top is easy and convenient to maintain and looks classy on a wooden stand.   You can also frame the glass top if you wish.

Round glass coffee table   can also have a glass or metal support which looks equally classy. You can   look for coloured glass of your choice and mix and match it with surroundings   of your living room. Put some accessories like a lamp or a flower vase at the   centre of the table and a rug or a carpet under the table to give the   finishing touches.

There are number of options   available online to choose from with some unique designs and   styles.

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