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Redo your furniture with solid oak

Redo your furniture with solid oak furniture

There are several categories of   wood furniture available all over the world. If you prefer something classy   and durable which lasts long enough to be passed on to your upcoming   generations, oak wood furniture is the best choice for you.

Solid oak furniture is long   lasting and is a mixture of oak and ash with a finishing touch of a thin   covering of oak. They are usually 3-4 times heavier than their oak veneer   counterpart. The bulkiness and style of the solid oak furnitureprovides a   grandeur look to your living room. The maintenance of the furniture is quite   easy and the furniture may require occasional polishing every 2-3 months. The   furniture comes in various shapes and sizes and can even incorporate   intricate and delicate carvings.


Oak wood can be used to   build variety of furniture pieces like side tables, dressing tables, bed   frame, lamp table, kitchen wardrobe etc. It can be used to adorn both house   and office furniture.


  • Dusting with a dry cloth   and occasional wiping using a damp cloth.
  • Immediately wipe off any spillage.
  • Polish the furniture once every six months with bee   wax.


Solid oak furniture is   usually heavier than its other counterparts and hence is not recommended if   mobility is a concern while buying a furniture set for your   home.

Investing in a solid oak   furniture is a great idea because oak is a genuine hardwood and boasts of   high durability and longevity. There are several websites offering wide range   of solid oak furniture of customizable shapes and sizes.