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Recliners That Don’t Look Like Recliners

Recliners That Don’t Look Like Recliners

Loungers that don’t look like loungers are a clear modern   trend.  And why not?  Perhaps you are old enough to remember the   first few loungers.  Maybe you remember   your grandmother’s or grandfather’s bed.    It was probably a chunky chair, probably upholstered in the synthetic   leather called Naga Hide, and probably a base color like olive green, brown,   or black.  Today’s loungers offer a lot   more variety and – News Bulletin Ahead !!!    – Most of them don’t really look like loungers.  What they look like are stylish armchairs   or sometimes even love seats that go well with your other furniture.  Here are some of the features to look for   in your next armchair.

Legs are a key.  Those old   couches were square, chunky things that didn’t show any legs.  The Victorians, who had their legs covered   on pianos, chairs, and just about anything else, would have been proud.  Modern loungers, however, often have   elegant, well-turned wooden feet and legs that look like the basis of every   stylish armchair.

Padding is just as important as legs.  You are no longer limited to vinyl faux   leather.  The stuff is easy to clean,   but it doesn’t wear out well over time – check out all of the older daybeds,   which are lavishly adorned with tape to hold the stuffing around the arms,   back, and seat.  In addition, it is not   the most comfortable material to sit on.    You can choose from a wide range of upholstery fabrics for your modern   armchair, just as many as for an armchair, from simple cotton to refined real   leather.  Of course, this means that   you have a choice of color too.

The body style is just as diverse.    You can still get those old loungers, but you can also get loungers   that look like classic wing chairs, with puffy upholstery from the 1990s,   clean lines of modern or even neo-modern furniture, or even more exotic   styles like hassle-free slingbacks.    Oh, and don’t forget there aren’t any loungers or gravity-free lounge   chairs!