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Selecting the Perfect Patio Dining Set
for Outdoor Entertaining

Selecting the Perfect Patio Dining Set for Outdoor Entertaining

The table will be the focal point of the meal set, so getting   everything right is important.  The   most important factor influencing your decision should be the space available   – no one wants to buy a dining set only to realize that it is too big for   their space!

Do you have a large area to fill?  => Oval or   rectangle

  • Oval and rectangular tables are both great options for   fill a large room.    
  • You can many people holdSo they are   perfect for people who regularly host garden parties.
  • Some models will even have extendable   parts This allows more guests to come to the   table!
  • These two forms are pretty formal As   such, they may not be the best option if you prefer a more casual   atmosphere.
  • The most common material for oval and rectangular outdoor tables   is Wood, closely followed by plastic.    

Do you want a more intimate atmosphere?  => Round or   square

  • Round and square tables are usually outside smaller   in size as oval and rectangular tables.
  • There’s no “head of the table” so everything feels very   much more intimate and casual.    
  • You are a lot easier to store and   don’t take up much space on your patio.
  •     Wicker Sets usually have square tables while   Aluminum and wrought iron Sets seem to prefer   round tables.

Do you really have limited space?  => Bar   height

  • Bar height tables are an amazing solution for with   limited space but still want more than two people to be able   to use the dining set outdoors.
  • In conjunction with some bar stools, create one   pretty intimate setting.    
  • This type of table is able to make Even the   smallest rooms look more open.    
  • Bar height tables come in practically any   materialbut wood seems to be the most   popular.
  • Attention, beam height tables are pretty hard to   moveSo choose a place wisely!

Do you want something just for you and a partner?  => Bistro

  • Bistro tables are perfect, though just one or two   people will use the outdoor dining set.
  • They offer just enough space for your food and drink and   can easily be stored indoors.    
  • Speaking of indoors, if you’re really low on money, you   can use a bistro table both indoors and   outdoorsJust move it from place to place when   needed!
  • Bistro tables usually consist of Aluminum or light   woodalthough we saw some plastic models too!