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Paint colors for bedrooms – how to decide

Paint colors for bedrooms – how to decide

One   of the major decisions to make while renovating or constructing a house is   the paint colors for bedrooms. Generally there are so many color options   available for you. But you just can’t go for any color. There are few things   that must be in your mind while deciding a paint color.

Whose room is this?

The first thing you need to realize is that the room belongs to   whom? Is this the room for your kids or it is the room for the guests. The   paint color for bedrooms is different according to the audience present in   it. If it is for the kids, it can be pink, yellow or any other fancy color.   But, if it is for guests, it needs to be decent.

According to the theme of the   room:

Another thing that must be in your mind is that the paint color of   the room must be according to the theme of the complete house. It must not be   like that if someone enters you room, he feels as if he is at a completely   new place. All these things must be known in advance and you must keep all   the things balance.

It must represent   you:

As the room is meant for yourself, it should represent you. It can   be your favorite color or the color that matches your personality. For   example, if you are a jolly person, you can have some creative colors and if   you are a decent person, you can go for decent colors.

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