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Outdoor chairs for your porch, patio and

Outdoor chairs for your porch, patio and deck

Outdoor   furniture or chairs need to be comfortable if you are an outdoor person and   love spending time outdoors. Whether you are a nature lover or just like to   spend time watching a beautiful sunset, you need to have comfortable chairs   to make your porch, deck or patio very appealing. Outdoor chairs include   rocking chairs, gliders and swings for the porch while complete relaxing   chairs are the cushy lounge chairs.  In case you want chairs with a   little height to surround an outdoor dining table then chairs that do not   lean back will serve your purpose. As there are many options available one   needs to consider the purpose and then make a selection of outdoor chairs.   Another consideration is the amount of space available in the porch or deck.   There should be enough chairs for seating but a little space  should be   left for walking around the deck or patio. Mixing and matching of chairs and   sofa would add a little spice to your outdoors. A good combination of two   patio chairs with a bistro table, an outdoor sofa and a couple of counter   height chairs will give a unique look. For your front porch a porch swing and   two rocking chairs will do wonders. Since most of the furniture has to stay   outdoors and bear the brunt of various seasons, the best option would be to   invest in waterproof furniture. The best materials for contemporary outdoor   furniture would be Teak, Metal or Rattan while plastic and aluminum can also   be used as they are quite affordable