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Outdoor Butterfly Decor

Outdoor Butterfly Decor

Butterflies are a lovely part of summer.  Many species only live a few hours – just   long enough to mate and lay eggs from which the future generation of   butterflies will hatch.  They are both   useful insects and sometimes pests in the garden.  They serve as pollinators for many plants,   but their voracious young can quickly turn a cabbage leaf into a tip or shred   a tomato plant as quickly as possible.    Still, they’re beautiful, and maybe it’s worth a few cabbage leaves or   tomato plants.  Decorative butterflies   have the added benefit of being able to look beautiful without biting the   wrong plant.

Butterfly benches and seats

Butterfly wings can be used to create seats.  Metalwork can create the illusion of   delicate wings that either serve as the back of individual chairs or as   benches.  The openwork backrests and   seats make for comfortable garden seats where every little breeze helps cool   down.

Hanging butterflies and wall decoration

Glass or metal butterflies can be hung inside or outside   (depending on the piece) to capture a bit of summer for you no matter where   you are.  Again, sturdy metal can   appear delicate and form a butterfly that can hang on a wall, ceiling or tree   for many years.

Fountain and lights

Butterfly fountains or lights can enhance the appearance of your   patio, flower beds, lawn, or walks.    Fountains adorned with butterflies are reminiscent of butterflies that   gather at the edge of a pond or stream.    When these adorable fountains include a pump and filter, they can also   attract birds into your yard without adding to the mosquito nuisance.  Butterfly lights can create interest and   low light, and can help guests or even family members find trails properly.  Below is a nice selection of butterfly   items, from benches to delicate butterfly cell phones.  The items you choose will reflect your   tastes and the places you need a little spring and summer all year   round.  Have fun looking at these ten   beautiful butterfly items selected for you.

Pearl iron   butterfly

No, it’s not a rock band or even a song, it’s a beautiful   butterfly rimmed with wrought iron and studded with sparkling pearls to show   the colors of its wings.  It is   suitable for indoor or outdoor use.    Hang it in for a pop of color or hang it on an outdoor tree to enhance   the beauty of your garden.

Winged patio   chair

Imagine flying away with good flavors or just enjoying the   outdoors while sitting on a patio chair with butterfly wings.  Gold colored chairs are perfect for a   garden party or a children’s fantasy party.    Your guests will be delighted by these ice chairs with the fragile-looking   wings on the back.

Butterfly garden   bench

You can relax from your gardening work on this charming white   butterfly bench.  Openwork tubular seat   and backrest in the shape of a butterfly wing let the breeze blow through the   bench and cool everyone who sits there.    Add a flower bed loved by nearby butterflies and enjoy real   butterflies dancing among the flowers while you rest from working in your   garden or from your other chores.

Aluminum butterfly   bench

Beautiful aluminum butterfly wings wrap around a perforated   tractor seat.  The perforations let the   breeze flow through the seat, cooling down anyone who has stopped there to   rest.  Nest this beautiful bench   between flower beds that attract butterflies and expect to see them soak in   the flowers as you rest.

Glass butterfly wall   hanging

Encourage these glass butterflies to cling to your wall year   round.  They are resistant to the   effects of the weather and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor   decoration.  However, they may need   some wind protection.  The butterflies   are done in subtle shades of red, green, and purple that take on the colors   of spring and summer and are available to you all year round.

Butterflies wall   decoration

These delicate metal butterflies are designed for indoor use and   appear to be floating on your wall.    Copied from natural species, these butterflies seem trapped at their   most beautiful moment and might just be preparing to fly to a nectar-laden   flower.  They will be like a harbinger   of spring that you can have on hand all year round.

Display this beautiful tropical butterfly indoors or outdoors as   part of your garden, patio or conservatory decor.  You can even tuck it in your living room or   kitchen with your potted plants for a touch of realism.  Wherever it is displayed, it is sure to be   a topic of conversation.  Butterfly   species can vary.

Butterfly table   fountain

The perfect centerpiece for your terrace.  This cute butterfly table is the base of a   small fountain.  The water is pumped up   from a sunken, butterfly-shaped basin, then trickles over a series of four   leaves and then returns to the basin.    The kit includes a pump and a well.

Butterfly   suncatcher

Capture the first (or last, depending on the orientation of your   window) rays of the sun with this essential butterfly sun catcher.  Enjoy the colored glitters that reflect off   it and shower your walls with light.    Put it in an east window for a brilliant wake up or a west window for   a merry good night to the world.

Solar butterfly   lamp

Illuminate your lawn, your terrace or your pool area with a   beautiful butterfly solar wall decoration.    The lamp is equipped with a solar panel that can be used to charge a   single AAA rechargeable battery.  While   the lighting is moderate, guiding people along a path or around an obstacle   is sufficient.  Since it is battery   operated, there are no cables to trip over or tangle and there is no need to   wire it up.

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