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“newest trends in laminate flooring

“newest trends in laminate flooring colors”

In   United States Laminate flooring colors is also called floating wood tile. It   is a multilayer synthetic flooring invention attached together by a   lamination process. The innermost core layer is generally composed of fiber   board materials and melamine resin. Basically what exactly laminate wood   flooring is, it actually has a layered structure for durability and comes in   fashionable designs that capture the appearances and textures of real wood.   Mainly laminate floor are made up of four layers of materials, that when   merged together, create beautiful, durable floors.

Four layers of   materials

First is the wear layer, it is the clear one top layer that   delivers resistance to fading and stains. Second is the Design layer, it is   the high resolution coat, extremely detailed photographic copy that   accurately captures the look of genuine wood. Third one is the Inner core   that is high density fiberboard made with wood fibers bonded with mastic.   High density fiberboard is an engineered wood produce that’s strong, flat,   dense and hard, moisture resistant and keeps the laminate board even. Fourth   the last one is backing; it is a moisture blockade backing that guards the floor   from deforming

 Preferences and   taste

These are the rest of the house colors of the ceiling, furniture   and walls you can contrast them or to choose with the same colors as   matching. Whichever way, select the colors intelligently to create a unique   fascinating combination. You can go for what you like it may be a certain   color. Those colors best suits your rooms where you spend utmost time or the   part of the house which you see first when you entered the home. Laminate   flooring colors comes in a vast variety. You can also mix two or more colors   to come up with the suitable combination.

Hottest trends

Trend setting inspiration of nowadays designers is from art,   fashion, nature and culture to transform the latest interior trends into the   marvelous laminated floor colors. The new popular flooring color trend is the   look of reclaimed wood it has a dramatic depth of color and beautiful   textures with these floor color your rooms appear in a stunning rustic and   old reclaimed hardwood looks.it is floor like classically found in abandoned   church, former urban warehouse or an old barn. Weathered look floor color   shows the textures, visuals, muted colors thoughtful of long exposure to sea,   sun and wind. Rustic charm floor color features a knots, saw marks and   mineral streaks are presenting up in many homes nowadays. Exotic beauty floor   colors have a unique vibrant colors and grain patterns of exotic tropical   species.

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