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Music Note Wall Decor

Music Note Wall Decor

Decorations should always reflect the taste and joy of the people   who live in a place, and this is exceptionally true for musicians.  This means that the sheet music wall decor   is perfect for people who enjoy or play music.  Decorative musical notes, the word music,   and much more determine the tenor of home decor or even wall art in music   rooms or classrooms.  Such decorations   can come in many different forms: cell phones, three-dimensional metal art,   or even paintings.

The word “music”

Word walls are a popular way to keep the terminology in front of   students as they study.  Music is like   any other art or science (and it tends to participate in both) in that it has   an extensive vocabulary that is used to describe the timbres we refer to as   music.  A beautiful word,   “music”, decorated and created in a permanent art form, can be a   good headline for a music wallboard.

Notes and notation

Writing music in a standard notation format enables a violinist in   Japan to record a composition written in Boston and play it on her   instrument.  The system was centuries   in development, but has steadily advances in the creation of musical   instruments that can be played by following the notes and a musical notation   that is precise enough that anyone can read the notes this enables you to   preserve music from one generation to the next.  So it’s no wonder that musical art should   include examples of sheet music and sheet music.

Deck the halls

Musical notes make great Christmas decorations, especially when   personalized with the recipient’s name.    Equally beautiful are paintings that focus on music, musical notation,   and even pictures of musicians.    Painted pictures, metal sculptures and word art on stretched canvas   are excellent decorations for any home, but especially for the home of   someone who loves music.  They can be   excellent Christmas gifts for musicians, music teachers and music students –   but also for patrons of the arts, even if they are unable to play a single   key and just “know what they like”.    Below are ten examples of musical art decorations.

Joyful graphic wall   print

These notes of modern art showing the ode to joy are both daunting   and uplifting.  When you’re reading music,   the message pops up quickly.  Unless   you read music or are a beginner, the virtuoso rendering of triples,   sixteenth notes, and the complex interweaving of violin and bass clefs can be   both daunting and challenging for the future.

Treble clef wall   clock

Keep the time with floating numbers on a treble clef.  Alice argued with the mad hatter about   time.  He told her not to beat time,   but to handle it well.  The treble clef   is black, the numbers are white, and so are the hands.  A charming “note” on a pastel   wall.

For your music word wall

The word “music” is on a treble stick, an eighth note,   and two sixteenth notes.  This charming   combo is brought to you by Say It All On the Wall.  Fully suitable for display on any   light-colored wall and an excellent decoration for music rooms anywhere – at   home, at school or in a professional location.

More for your music   Word Wall

Enhance your music word wall with this concise, minimalist work   “Music” in bold block letters.    A treble clef hugs the left side of the M and a quarter note lurks in   the C. Place it on the top of a blackboard and add musical terms as the   students (or you) learn them.  Also   makes a nice gift for a dedicated music student.

Musical instrument   wall clock

This charming wall clock by Ashton Sutton starts with an anomalous   musical instrument woven into a triple rod that is warped into the shape of a   treble clef.  A dance director’s stick   is tilted towards the instrument, and the black cavity of the resonance box   supports the red hands of the clock.    Numbers are not displayed, so users need to know their time   positions.

Sol Fa Theory Wall   Art

Give a singer or other music lover in your family a graphic on a   wrapped canvas wall hanging that shows the large staff with the vowel scale   Do, Re, Mi …  Music theorist Guido   von Arrez, who names the six pitches after the first syllable of each line of   “John the Baptist”.

Sixteenth note wall   decoration

Make the day of any musician, music teacher or music lover with   this metal sixteenth note painted with a metallic red and black high gloss   finish that shimmers and changes and has changing shadows.  Item is from 7055 Inc, made in the USA and   comes with hidden hanging tabs.  The   steel note sculpture weighs a pound.

Double   sixteenth notes Christmas decoration

Decorate your Christmas tree with a double resin Christmas   decoration.  A white banner, decorated   with holly, is hung over the notes and is perfect for personalizing the   ornament.  The decoration is part of   the “Personalized by Santa” collection.    At three by three inches, it’s the perfect size to hang on your tree   or mantelpiece.

Bass clef on wrapped   canvas

Black bass clef on a sepia background, decorated with the bass   stick and the Latin script.  This   beautiful print is created using the giclee technology which reproduces art   or photography with a high quality inkjet printer.  The term was coined in 1991 by the graphic   artist Jack Duganne.  This work is from   Ashton Wall Décor LLC.

Three-part   graphic on canvas

A three-part graphic on canvas is an attractive way to decorate a   music studio, classroom, or even a wall in a music lover’s home.  The colorful canvases, each with a music   symbol, are painted with oil paint on a stretched canvas and have been   subjected to UV treatment – a process that prevents linseed oil from   yellowing.

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