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Discover the Beauty of Moroccan Wall

Discover the Beauty of Moroccan Wall Decor

Adding Moroccan-inspired decorations to your walls can enhance the   design of your room with its exotic charm and vibrant colors.  The Moroccan decorating style is one that   gives a home both elegance and mystery.    We love how the Moroccan wall decor effortlessly blends Persian,   African, Mediterranean and Islamic influences with those from France,   Portugal and Spain.  Read on to make   sure you choose a Moroccan home decor that goes perfectly with your current   home look.  We have prepared a buying   guide for you.


Of course, you want to make sure that your new wall decor fits the   available space you have.  So find out   the location of your new decor and determine its rough dimensions.  A thin and high wall space is better with   vertical Moroccan decorative pieces.    For a large room, a horizontal piece would look great in it.  Remember, scaling is important in home   decor.


One of the most important considerations to consider when   purchasing Moroccan accent pieces for your home is color.  Most of the colors used are simple and   borrow from the colors of the ocean with their blues and greens.  Decorative pieces in the Moroccan style are   also inspired by the Sahara sand with its shiny silver and gold tones.  If you’re not sure if exotic, vibrant   colors will fit your space, it’s okay to take a step back.  We recommend that you analyze your room and   then visualize the colors that are already in the room and that you can draw   inspiration from.  You may already have   a focus in your room.  If so, then the   best wall decor for you is one that can add to the focal point of the room   and still add value to the room.    Remember, achieving a Moroccan feel doesn’t mean you have to fill your   room with Moroccan decor.  Now that the   important issues have been addressed, we can move on to shopping!  Here are our top tips:

3   piece canvas wall art – camel walks through the sand dunes

Add a Sahara landscape to your wall to brighten up your living   space and remind you of the grandeur of the planet.  The prismatically enriched energy of this   picture is excellent for any room.  As   the first Moroccan wall decor we featured, its size doesn’t disappoint and   it’s the set that is all you need to fill a wall.

Moroccan decorative   tapestry

Take a less busy street and decorate your bedroom with this   Moroccan decor tapestry featuring a tiled fountain in Rabat city.  With its massive size, 3D effect, sharp   lines and vivid colors, it gives your walls a feeling of wanderlust.  The print would look like you actually have   an intricately designed fountain right in your room.

Nice road to   the Moroccan large fine tapestry

This large Fleur de Lis tapestry is a classic design that is a   version of the Moroccans.  The classic   design of this intricate wall decoration is historically associated with the   European coat of arms and the French monarchy.  At 54 inches by 58 inches, it’s quite large   and is perfect for massive blank walls.    It is fully lined with a beige back and pockets for   hanging.

Home decor   Moroccan style wall mirror

This Moroccan-inspired iron mirror with intricate details and   beveled edges is sure to add a bit of shine to your room.  This relatively small mirror with a highly   decorative frame measures 24 x 0.8 x 16 inches and brings just the right   amount of brightness into your room.    In a hallway or above a console / end table it would look   great.

Old   Medina Mediterranean Historical Arch Entrance Photo

This Moroccan tapestry decor features a beautifully printed and   toned historic arched entrance of the old medina and is made of high quality   fabric and lightweight hand-stitched edging.    It’s durable enough for outside use.    The mixture of silk and synthetic materials and the historical photo   make this piece unique, very decorative and versatile.

Moroccan   tile abstract canvas wall art

As a stunning Moroccan-inspired set with 4 decorative accents, it   offers bold and flavorful colors to add warmth and refined style to your   living space.  The beautiful prints are   added on paper and put together on an art decor box.  Each piece is lightly textured with gel to   add a unique and colorful accent.

Moroccan wall   mirror

Another beautiful Moroccan wall mirror, a rectangular mirror with   beveled edges and a decorative frame made of iron.  The low key styling is both fun and pretty,   but not too fussy to take away all of the other decorative elements that have   been added to a room.  It comes with a   template and bracket for easy hanging.

Moroccan   wall 33.5 ‘x 22 “stone wallpaper

This stone wallpaper gives your walls a natural Moroccan flair   that is often seen in rural houses and cottages.  Print, best added to a feature wall, will   add charm and character to your space and create a calming and warming   atmosphere.  Each roll can cover up to   57.26 square feet of space.

Gray   Moroccan graphic print on canvas

You can never have too many wall decorations!  We know you can fit this nifty wall art   seamlessly into your space as the grid pattern and dainty color are very easy   on the eye.  It’s perfect for   Moroccan-inspired bedrooms or anywhere you want to add a bright graphic   pattern.  The print is stretched around   a durable wooden frame to withstand elements and look high   quality.

Yacht   and Home 11 “Melamine Moroccan Shell Dinner Plate

Add some pop and rich color to your dining table with this blue   and gray colored plate from Galleyware Company.  The plate is durable and has a vibrant   Moroccan inspired print with a seashell.    We love how great it is for quick weekday meals on the beach with the   family.  Since it is very decorative,   you are more tempted to display it in an open cupboard than to use it as a   plate!