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Creating a Sleek and Stylish Modern
Pergola Design For Your Outdoor Space

Creating a Sleek and Stylish Modern Pergola Design For Your Outdoor Space

Pergolas offer shade without protecting you from the warm sunlight   and pleasant breezes.  They are exactly   what you need to define a separate space in your garden for you and your   guests to enjoy the brightest afternoons.    And why not use them as a climbing frame for your flowers and   plants?

Since this is a sizeable investment (both ways) we certainly don’t   want you to get stuck on a huge pergola that makes your garden look smaller   or that you have to replace after a few years.

Here are our expert tips for choosing a pergola that will last,   complement your garden beautifully, and delight your guests   instantly.

4.   What features should I look out for when choosing a pergola?

Once you have found the right size, material and type of   installation for your future pergola, you can start thinking about features   that would make your life easier:

  • While some materials are better than others in adverse weather   conditions, their effectiveness may also depend on how they were treated: if   you live in a rainy area, it is wise to look for them Weather   resistant Pergolas;

  • Some pergolas come with a retractable fabric   canopyThis is especially useful in warm climates   to enjoy the brightest days without exposure to direct sunlight.

    • However, you need to be prepared for a higher level   maintenancebecause the fabric forms pockets in   which water, dirt and grime can easily collect, often leading to mold;  

    • In very windy or snowy climates, they are not a practical   choice.

  • A stylish alternative to canopies, with pergolas   Louvers can give you more flexibility: whether   they need to be moved manually or with a handy remote control, they usually   can be inclined at different angles to enjoy   more or less shade and to protect yourself from the rain;

    • They are a popular choice for wall-mounted   pergolas especially to reinforce the covered terrace feeling,   but to leave more space for sunlight;

    • Louvred pergolas are more than that   expensive and their mechanism can lead to   breakages and more maintenance over the years.