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Live Laugh Love Wall Decor

Live Laugh Love Wall Decor

The origin of the saying “Live, laugh, love”, which is often seen   as a wall decoration for living, laughing, loving, but sometimes also as a   mug, plate or even a throw or pillow, is an essay by Bessie Anderson   Stanley.  The first line of the essay   reads: “He has success who lived well, laughed often, and loved much.” The   proverb was incorrectly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Dear Abby   column and corrected by a letter from Mrs. Stanley’s grandson Arthur Stanley   Harvey .  The proverb was also   mistakenly attributed to Robert Louis Stevenson by Hallmark.

The meaning of life, laughter, love

Since the saying is so popular, and even surpasses “Keep Calm and   Carry On,” a WWII slogan, it’s easy to understand what it meant.  However, Bessie Anderson Stanley’s paper   defined the characteristics she had described in her opening sentence.  It is entirely possible that Mrs. Stanley   was influenced by Emerson and Stevenson.    The philosophy of transcendentalism was already known in 1904 when her   essay was published.  Emerson wrote a   paragraph that begins, “Laugh a lot and laugh a lot.  .    .  “That goes on in a similar   way, but does not use the words live or love.    Stevenson wrote a poem, The Lady of the Snow, which contains the line   “Live, Love, Live, Die”.  The   tenor of Mrs. Stanley’s poem clearly shows that it was read well, so it is   entirely possible that she read both works, but she is the one who put them   together in this significant way and used them to define   success.

A game changer

Hence, displaying the words “Live, Laugh, Love” on your   wall and use them as a core philosophy can be vital to your life and   others.  Here are ten ways you can   share the wisdom that Bessie Stanley Anderson developed more than a century   ago.

Live Laugh Love wall   decoration

It is important to be able to relax;  This Live Laugh Love piece says it all   without many words.  It goes well with   any beige or sandstone wall tone and looks warm.  This shows that the message has been around   for a long time and can help relieve others.    On a front door, this decor helps convey a feeling of family and   togetherness.

Live Laugh Love wall   decoration

With the words “Live Laugh Love” in this piece of metal,   it brings joy.  Against a light or   white wall, this piece really stands out and increases its presence.  The metal construction allows this to be   placed outdoors when it is securely attached.    The floral additions and the fleur-de-les continue to give this piece   a conservative look.

Live, Laugh,   Love Antique copper decor

The words “Live Laugh Love” in all their glory, this set   combines them all with a single “L” which shows that they are all   combined and important to have together.    With a copper tone, this works well on any beige or cream wall to   bring out the message of greeting.    This piece works well for highlighting another metallic decor in the   room.

Live-Love-Laugh wall   decoration

This piece conveys a feeling for nature with the message   “Live well, love a lot, laugh often” with its grapevine   design.  There is a grapevine end after   every two words that adds a multitude of messages that must be enjoyed   often.  For everyone, this has its own   meaning and values.  This piece works   well for adding color and vibrancy to an earthen themed area.

Creative   Movement Live Laugh Love Sign Wall Decoration

This decor has the words “Live every moment, laugh every day,   love beyond words” and bring a smile to the people who look at it.  No attempt is made to bring defined sources   that could conflict with the message.    This piece has a fabric texture and can effectively stand out on a   darker wall or brick.  The more texture   there is around this piece, the more presence there is.

Live   Love Laugh 3-piece black wall decoration set

Each piece in this set has an individual word from Live Love Laugh   with a candle holder.  In the frame   there are metal curls with petals.  A   wall behind this set that is a light tone enhances the impact of each   individual piece.  The added candle   gives this set a certain spirituality that increases its   meaning.

Live Laugh Love wall   decal

A sticker gives you great freedom to place your message on any   flat surface, behind a chair, on or above a door, even on the ceiling, as   long as it is flat.  The lighter the   surface, the more noticeable the message.    This piece can bring a sense of relaxation to any black and white   themed room without being intrusive.

New   giant butterfly vine and Live Laugh Love wall decals

Measuring 59 “tall by 70” wide, this sticker can define   a wall for you.  The vine in this   sticker has a series of flowers that are budding and blooming, with numerous   butterflies and a hummingbird flying around.    This brings a level of activity and attention to the message “Live   every moment;  Laugh every day;  Love beyond words. “

22-piece   wall sticker set “Live Laugh Love”

With 22 pieces you have the freedom to define this message more   according to your style and your artistic beauty.  With the added flexibility, it adds places   where you can set this sticker to be the most meaningful to you.  A solid white surface or mirror is a great   way to present and enhance the message.