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Lino floor covering; the best option for

Lino floor covering; the best option for you

With   all the flooring options available, most people are faced with the challenge   of choosing the best option for their homes. While all of the flooring types   give your home that classic and unique appearance, there are those that   create a more elegant look. One of the flooring types that you can consider   is the lino floor covering.

What is Lino Floor?

First and foremost, lino is a short form of Linoleum. These are   floors that have made from natural elements like the minerals like calcium   carbonate, linoxyn and other materials. Most people tend to confuse between   the lino floor covering and the vinyl flooring. Whilst they have   similarities, they are both made from different materials. It is thus   important for you to consult before you buy the flooring.

Benefits of using the lino   floors

Yes, for a while now the lino floor covering has been thought to   be a vintage and an old fashioned design. However, most of the people who   have used these floors are satisfied with the results. Here is   why;

  • Price; compared with other forms of flooring, the linoleum floors   are quite cheap. They are made with natural materials and that is why they   may be cheap.
  • Durability; the floors are designed with different materials that   bond together to create a more strong feature. Once you buy these floors, you   can relax you mind for they are long lasting. However, as much as the floors   are strong, the durability may be affected by the way you take care of the   floors.
  • Versatile; the floors come in different designs, colors, pattern   and thickness
  • Water resistant; because of this feature, the floors are best   suited for places like kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Easy to clean; the floors are easy to clean however you have to   pay attention to the products that you use. There are those products that may   strip the floors because of the pH. You therefore need to choose the neutral   cleaning products.

Choosing the right   floors

When it comes to these floors, you need to pay attention to the   design and the thickness. This is because the thicker the floor the more   expensive it will be. It is also quite important for you to consider the   color and the pattern of the floor. You need to choose design that will   compliment the room in general.

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