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Large Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

Large Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

If you’ve thought of adding a touch of French countryside charm to   your home, Fleur De Lis should be high on your list of decorating ideas.  Fleur De Lis can be used in many parts of   the home.  From the front door to the   chic dining centerpiece to the walls, the applications are really impressive.  Wall decoration should be unique.  While you can use any decor you can think   of, sometimes something antique always works.    The Fleur De Lis offers you this option.

The origin of Fleur De Lis

Fleur de lis, or flower-de-luce, is a popular stylized lily used   in motifs and decorative designs.  The   decor has its origins in lily flowers, which are mainly found in the French   countryside.  The fleur de lis decor   was typically used by the Catholic saints of France, particularly St. Joseph.  At one time, the fleur de lis became an   emblematic and religious sign for French Catholics and was often associated   with kings.  Fleur De Lis’s wall   decorations resemble these emblematic lilies.    Although most of the decor is iron, you may find other metal or wood   designs in the market as well.

Decorate with Fleur De Lis wall decoration

There are a number of creative ideas that can help you get the   most out of Fleur De Lis wall decor.    Here are some of the most common items that will match Fleur De Lis:   Front Door – An inviting beauty of the Fleur De Lis decor on your front door   is sure to add magic to your look.    Mirror – You can combine your average mirror holder with a touch of   Fleur De Lis decor for perfect results.    Kitchen – Fleur De Lis isn’t just for living room walls.  The decor can also be perfect for your   kitchen.  You can have it installed on   cabinets, moldings, and decorative tile work.    Bedroom – There are a number of Fleur De Lis wall decor designs that   are artistically combined with small chandeliers for the bedroom.  These designs can create a great ambience   and add functionality to your bedroom.    In case you are not sure which type of Fleur De Lis wall decoration is   right for your home, we have a few products that may interest   you.

This fleur de lis is an ideal standalone accent that can work   magic on its own.  It’s also an ideal   focus.  The artistic scroll is   completed by unique details on every corner.    There is also a central medallion that brings the whole thing   together.  It’s the perfect decor to   redesign your wall.

Willsey oversized   wall clock

If you’re looking for a large wall decor that will add character   and class to your living room, the oversized wall clock from Willsey can’t go   wrong.  It’s basically an oversized   metal watch with gorgeous Fleur De Lis details in the center.  You can choose either a gold or a bronze   design.  Everyone will definitely do to   enhance your wall decoration.

Fleur-De-Lis   mirrored wall lamp

This fleur de lis design is perfect for your ultimate wall   mirror.  In fact, if you can hang it   over the foyer console, it’s perfect.    Accentuate the design with a bouquet of flowers for the farmers market   for the perfect results.  The decor   also goes very well with antique or vintage dressers.

The Cole and gray metal / wood wall decor combines the ancient   nature of iron with the grandeur of wood to deliver one of Fleur de Lis’s   boldest wall decor designs.  Also   noteworthy are the bronze-colored contours and a starburst-inspired gray back   frame.  The decor can be used as a   centerpiece.

This Fleur De Lis is designed for homeowners looking for rustic   elegance in wall decoration.  The   tarnished iron in bronze look gives your living room the perfect color.  The medallion in the middle, stylized with   fleur de lis shapes, completes the decor in an astonishing   way.

Toscano   Fleur de Lis cross wall decoration

The cross wall decor of the Toscano Fleur de Lis is a timeless   piece.  It is the perfect symbol of the   French kings and the Trinity.  The   decor is really reminiscent of the ancient crosses of Europe.  It is made of pure iron with artificial   bronze colors.  It’s simply an artistic   heirloom that will take your interior design to another   level.

Wood fleur-de-lis   wall decoration

If you think your home could really do with some romantic   European-style decor, then this Wood Fleur-De-Lis should be tried.  It is the heraldic symbol of the French   monarchy that has been with us since the second century.  The Fleur de Lis is handmade from solid   wood.  The wood is then coated with a   textured, antique-looking bronze finish to bring out the   magic.

The Lark Manor metal wall decor is perfect for your entrance   area.  The rural splendor offers no   subtlety and is almost instantly visible when you set your eyes on it.  The decor is made of 100% metal with   creative handcraft details.  It’s   perfect for a gallery wall or the living room.

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