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Large Decorative Wall Clocks For Sale

Large Decorative Wall Clocks For Sale

While sundials may only count the hours that are lit, most people need a clock that is accurate and attractive.  If you can find large decorative wall clocks for sale, there is a good chance that you will find the clock that you have been looking for.  Specialty clocks or unusual clocks can enhance your decor while creating a conversation piece for your home, office, or place of business.

Analog timekeeper

In this day and age when digital watches are widespread, analog dials are becoming almost historical.  However, amazingly decorative effects can be achieved with unusual or even traditional dials that show the familiar 12-hour positions on the dial.  Roman numerals or other unusual hour designations can add to the mystique of a retro timekeeper.

Effects added

A classic additional effect to an analog clock is the display of a section of the gears.  In a world where solid-state electronics limit the need for gears and cogs, there is something nostalgic about a dial that shows the insides that once made clocks tick.  Roman numerals give a classic effect as they have long been the preferred numbers for grandfather clocks.  A watch that includes military time with a traditional display can be both helpful and an interesting anomaly.

Background and case

The color and shape of the dial are an additional element in the effect of the clock on a room.  Add to this the material and shape of the case and hands, and the number style, and you can quickly create a one-of-a-kind clock that is not only a source of accurate time but also a topic of conversation.  You can transform an ordinary room into something extraordinary simply by choosing a clock.  Or you can have a clock that discreetly tells the time without dominating the room – and that can have value too.  Big or small, dominant or retired, a watch is a wonderful mechanism that was an integral part of the industrial revolution and the electronic age.  Here are some ideas for your home or office, each unique in their own way, with options to choose from to improve accuracy or achieve low-key accuracy.  When you look through these large decorative wall clocks for sale, you are sure to find something that will suit your space – large or small.

Oakland Gears Sculptural Wall Clock

If you’re looking for a steampunk style wall clock, you’ve come to the right place.  The dial shows with its imitated antique clock hands a chic dial in the Roman style.  Under the clock is an off-center globe that looks almost like it is rotating over time.  The gears are exposed for observation.

Imhoff wall clock

With its metal frame and Roman numbered cladding, the Imhoff wall clock fits into many traditional-style rooms.  The hands are traditional hands with no additional exotic look to put them in one style or another.  This allows the clock to work well in any modern room or office.  It’s available in round sizes of 20 and 30 inches and adapts to any space you need.

Gear detail 22.8 ”round iron wall clock

If you are looking for a watch that is highly eye-catching, another one is just for you.  The clock has an open body so you can see the wall behind it.  Its numbers are part of the troubled metal frame itself, so a colorful wall can enhance its effect.

Cadiz Contemporary Latticed 12 ”wall clock

A modern, yet contemporary watch can say a lot for you.  This clock has a sun-shaped lattice work.  It has no numbers and tiny hands to reduce color and style clashes.  Behind the grille there is a wooden frame that gives the bright white grille a contrast.  This comes in 12 “and 16” to match with your other wall decor.

15 ”wall clock

This modern 15 inch wall clock offers a torch for any bright room.  With its sunburst pattern and metal frame, it fits well in many different types of layouts.  The clear crystals at the ends of each torch add robustness and light to any place.  With three color options, you can find the perfect version for you.

Ellport Farmhouse round 16 “wall clock

A farm-themed watch can often be hard to find, especially if you’re looking for a watch that looks old and traditional.  This clock has an animal motif and can show a cow or a rooster in the middle making the two pieces in this set.  It has simple traditional numbers with standard pointers pointing to them so as not to get off topic.

Stainless steel gear 20 “wall clock

If you are looking for a clock that will suit a modern, metallic style room, the stainless steel wall clock is for you.  This watch has a highly polished look with open silver gears and frames.  The numbers are reflective roman 3, 6, 9 and 12 which leave the rest open.  At 14 inches, this clock fits many spots, adding reflection and light to your modern decor.

3 pm New York Botanical Gardens

The clock of the botanical garden is the right clock for every garden or every greenhouse.  This clock is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and has a thermometer and hygrometer in the dial.  This makes it perfect for any serious gardener.  The clock numbers stand out on these clocks with a light floral inlay and a white background, and are easy to see from a distance at 15 inches.

Vintage-inspired pocket “Kensington Station” wall hanging clock

Sometimes you just need something different and stand out for your watch.  With its eye-catching oval shape and counter-rotating black and white panel, this watch is just right for you.  The clock seems to belong in the Kensington train station, which hangs on a post.  At 30 inches tall, this clock can be defined as the centerpiece on any wall.

The clock looks rustic and warm, as if it has seen the elements for a long time, even though it is an indoor clock.  The face numbers mix both standard numbers and word numbers from one to twelve.  At the heart of this watch, it expands to include military time from thirteen to twenty-four hours.