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Laminated fabric: twenty-first century
  industrial textile

Laminated fabric: twenty-first century industrial textile

In   this twenty-first century where there are more machines than men, the   importance of things like laminated fabric has become even more important   than before. They have become the key to the industrial development of a   country.

Laminated fabrics are multilayer materials in which synthetic   materials like polymers are bonded with natural fabrics to increase their   properties. The polymer films are joined together with the fabric layers   using adhesives or other such materials. In some cases pressure and   temperature are also employed to join these together. These special types of   materials have a lot of advantages over other types of synthetic materials   available in the market. They combine the qualities and properties of both   the synthetic material and the natural fabric that are used in making them.   Hence they find a large number of applications in the modern world ranging   from umbrellas to automobile parts.

Cost Effectiveness:

Earlier, things of high quality were very expensive. People who   were not so financial sound couldn’t buy themselves anything of fine quality.   But today with all the advancements in the industrial sector fine quality   items are available at reasonable costs. Items like laminate fabric are those   things that have helped in improving the quality of the things available in   the market. People nowadays are critical about the items they purchase. So   maintaining the quality is essential for all manufactures.


Another important factor that needs to be considered while   choosing the right material for manufacturing a product is its durability. A   product only becomes worth the money spend on it if it is able to last for a   sufficiently long period of time. Products that are manufactured of laminated   fabrics are known for their durability. The major reason for the durability   of the material is that when the natural fabric is combined together with   synthetic polymer, the rate of wearing of the material is very slow when   compared to the natural fabric alone. And durability is the feature that is   the major reason why this material is used in automobile parts and various   other products which comes under serious wear and tear.

Easy To Work With:

The easiness to work with is also a very important factor that   needs to be kept in the mind while choosing a material. Laminated fabrics are   very easy to stitch and shape. Also this is also easy to assemble. Pop outs   can be easily tucked inside.

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