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Kitchen And Dining Table

Kitchen And Dining Table

Whether it’s a big family gathering or a quiet morning drinking   coffee by yourself, your dining table will play an important part in your   daily life.  Kitchen and dining tables   are often viewed as a central element of the home and therefore need to be   both practical and aesthetically pleasing.    Use these expert tips to help you choose the perfect dining table for   your home!

How big should   my dining table be?

The number one rule when buying a kitchen and dining table is that   they have to match your dining area.    While this seems pretty obvious, dining tables are deceptively large   and often take up a lot of space, both for the table itself and around   it.

  • Then use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your   dining area subtract approximately 6 feet from each   measurement to get an ideal dining table size.  For example, if a dining room is 14 by 16   feet, aim for a table that is about 8 by 10 feet.
  • Every person at the table will need at least 22   inches to 24 inches Table surface to sit comfortably on a   chair and use the table.
  • As with any larger piece of furniture, you should mark the rough   dimensions with Painter’s tape to help you   visualize how the table fills the space.

What shape   should my dining table be?

The shape of your kitchen and dining table is just as important as   its size as it affects how many people can comfortably use the table.  This also affects the general atmosphere in   the room.  So choose   wisely!

Do you need a large area to fill the room?  Rectangular

  • Rectangular tables are the most common as most dining areas are   also rectangular.
  • These tables can fill a room without being too intrusive and   can easily be pressed against a wall when not in   use.
  • One disadvantage of rectangular tables is that   Corners – They take up unnecessary space and   cannot be comfortably used by guests.

Do you want something fine for a smaller room?  square

  • Square dining tables are a popular option for square dining   areas.
  • This is because they take up much less space than rectangular   tables a more subtle and welcoming   atmosphere.    
  • These tables have the same disadvantage as rectangular corner   tables that take up unnecessary space.    This can be a deal breaker when you’re short on   space.

Do you need a lot of space for a party?  oval

  • Oval tables are ideal for larger gatherings   The lack of corners gives you the flexibility to add more people to the   table.
  • They work incredibly well in narrower, rectangular   spaces for this reason.
  • However, these tables can be difficult to   store When not in use, they cannot be conveniently pushed into   a corner or against a wall.

Do you want something smaller yet social?  Round

  • Round tables are another great option for parties   because they lack corners and there is no head of the table.
  • you work best in square rooms,   because larger rooms feel cold and empty with this smaller   shape.
  • Unfortunately you can lose some space to   serve Once all of your seats at the table are   determined.

What   types of dining tables are there?

The type of table you should buy mainly depends on how much space   you have in your dining room and how many people use the table on a daily   basis and on special occasions.

Do you want something traditional?  Firmly

  • As the name suggests, fixed kitchen and dining tables have a   fixed size and shape that cannot be changed.
  • These tables are among the most popular models   incredibly customizable, can accommodate a large   number of people and is usually not too expensive.

Do you need to fit more people?  Expandable

  • Pull-out kitchen and dining tables are included   ideal for smaller rooms that still has to fit a   larger group of people every now and then.
  • These tables use either Calls which   are kept under the table surface when not in use, or   “Wing” that you can fold out if   necessary.
  • Can get expandable tables quite   expensive, Especially if they have complex expansion   mechanisms in place, this may not be the best option for you if you are on a   tight budget.

Do you have very limited space?  wrinkles

  • These tables are The perfect solution for an incredibly   small living space because they can be folded flat when not in   use and easily stowed away.
  • Folding tables can only usually fit around 1 or 2   people, This makes them much more suitable for individual use   than for social gatherings.
  • Due to their small size, these tables can be used not only as   kitchen and dining tables, but also as Desks and living room   tables.    
  • you are very cheap, As a rule,   however, they lack creativity and style as their main focus is on   practicality.

Which   material should I choose for my dining table?

A dining table is a big investment, so it needs to be sturdy and   durable to be worth your money.  You   also need to balance your personal style with practicality and ease of   maintenance.

Do you love a traditional style?  Wood

  • Solid wood is incredibly durable, easy to   repair, and adds a touch of sophistication, making it a   popular option for many households.
  • It’s often the most expensive option, but you can opt for the   cheaper one Pine, acacia and mango wood.    
  • These tables can sometimes Show scratches and wear   quickly with regular use.

Do you need an inexpensive alternative to wood?  Wood veneer

  • This is the inexpensive alternative to solid wood, which is made   from a very thin layer of solid wood glued onto a plywood   core.
  • Some people may not like this material for what it is   much less durable and looks weaker than normal   wood, which gives it a fairly cheap and sticky look.

Do you want something luxurious?  stone

  • Stone tables can contain Marble, quartz or cast   stone.    
  • But this material is very durable can be porous and   easily picks up stains.    
  • It can be near impossible to repair   These tables and their price often run into the thousands, but this can be   worthwhile for seekers a luxury table.    

Do you want to stand out?  Glass

  • Dining tables made of glass can be made clear,   frosted or tinted glass, and are relatively   cheap.
  • A good glass table can last for years if you are careful, though   it can be incredibly easy to scratch, splinter or   crack the surface, let alone glass prone to   stains and fingerprints.    
  • These tables can create a feeling of luxury and   openness in your dining area.