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Kids room ideas to add a innovation to
  your child’s space

Kids room ideas to add a innovation to your child’s space

Designing   a kid’s room can be real fun. In fact you should involve your children and   take their suggestion while designing their room. You’ll be surprised with   their logic and thinking.

Furniture in the kid’s room should have a bed, dresser and study   table and enough storage space all the things like closet storage or coat   racks should be kept at a level keeping the height of the child in mind.   Lighting should be of multiple types from the reading light to the concealed   lights that give little light during the night. Brighten up the room with   colorful cushions and pillows.

You can paint the ceiling of your kid’s room with a paint that   glows in the dark. Painting stars and moon will make the ceiling very   attractive and the children would love to turn off the lights. Removable wall   transfers are available in many patterns and styles. Paint one wall with   horizontal or vertical stripes to give a rather dramatic look. Get one of the   walls painted in a bright vibrant color and allow the children to decorate   the wall with wall tattoos, butterflies, birds or geometrical shapes that can   be later removed and changed if the child gets bored with the design.   Pictures and postcards collected by children can be hung from strings on the   window or along the wall like a border. Kids love to stick pictures,   paintings or other small knick-knacks, so the best solution is to install a   display board on the wall. Galvanized sheets can also be mounted on the wall   to get a magnetic board instantly.

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