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Is wood floor laminated a good
alternative to traditional techniques?

Is wood floor laminated a good alternative to traditional techniques?

Lamination is the process of making any material in various layers. Heat, pressure or adhesives are used for this purpose. Lamination is done for increased strength, durability, insulation (specially for northern areas where there is low temperature throughout the year) and appeal.

Laminate flooring is multiple layers of flooring produced through lamination giving it a semblance of wood, stone and sometime tiles. Wood floor Laminate is gaining popularity because of the ease with which it is installed (highly suitable for a DIY home designer), it’s hygiene friendly qualities, cost effectiveness and maintenance as compared to the contemporary surfaces like hardwood flooring. Enjoy the warmth of wood in your home without an actual wood flooring installed in your home. It’s esthetic quality will give you a stress free, easy to go experience. Wood floor Laminate has an edge over traditional flooring techniques like:


Wood laminate flooring is a lot more durable and less more prone to scratching, wearing and tearing, staining and moisture as compared to hardwood flooring which can be quite easily scratched, stained and damaged. This makes it easier to clean and keeps it looking good to the eye.


Another advantage of laminating your floor is that it is simple and easy to clean the stains, dust and all the grim setting in. It has a shining appearance so it doesn’t need much cleaning either and this saves your time.


Laminate wood flooring has an advantage of being made from synthetic materials and composite wood pressed together. An image is then placed over the base of the type of wood of which you want to simulate the appearance. This obviously makes the cost reduce by half as compared to actually installing genuine wood which is relatively expensive and harder to install.

Keeps looking the same after long:

Even sunlight and UV rays won’t let laminate wood flooring’s shine fade away! In addition to antiseptics, its additional chemical application for UV protection makes it less prone to fading.

Though Wood floor Laminate has a list of good characteristics, it has a slight disadvantage over contemporary wood flooring. A laminated floor can’t be repaired easily. If you go for separate planks and pieces, it might be a tiny bit easier for you to replace it, but due to some wear, it is highly likely that it won’t match the overall flooring.