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Is rustic hardwood flooring the vintage
element that you have been looking for?

Is rustic hardwood flooring the vintage element that you have been looking for?

What is rustic hardwood?

There is no shortage of flooring trends in the market, and if you go around a bit, you will find several kinds of floorings spread across an array of different materials. One such trend is getting rustic hardwood flooring. This trend has been catching on for quite some time, since homeowners are now looking for newer design ideas, which are as familiar and close to handcrafted materials as possible, while giving off a vintage feel. This is something that is best accomplished with rustic hardwood- through its earthy color and textures that add to the warmth and unique décor of the perfect home.

The texture of rustic hardwood, and what makes it so special

Now, one of the biggest drivers when it comes to interior designing is the texture. Texture is that part of décor which stimulates our senses, along with the material, surface and fabric offering a visual interest. This is what a rustic wood floor captures in a beautiful manner. If you are someone looking for a hardwood floor that has a vintage look to it, or something like a patina, then hand-scrapped or distressed or rustic hardwood is what you should be looking for.

There is a lot of variety in the types of different woods that you can get- including oak, hickory, birch and even maple. These are specially hand sculpted for creating the rustic look that you and many other homeowners’ desire, and can be the perfect addition to the décor of your home- giving it the look and ambience that you have always wanted.

Colors, planks and the lengths

Dark hardwood had been the popular trend for a number of years, until the shift in the direction of natural tones began. History proves that the color pallets get lighter with increased consumer spending, and this is why colors near the earth tone attract consumers more than anything else. Apart from the color and texture, the board sizes also affect the room’s appearance to quite an extent. Wide planks of random lengths help creating a more custom look- something that appears as if it had been made by skilled artisans.

With rustic hardwood flooring, the magic of yesterday’s vintage looks has now received a modern touch and been made even better for today’s times. Is this trend also what you have been looking for? If yes, then you have find the perfect way to make your vintage décor even better.