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Ideas worth considering when redesigning
your living room interior

Ideas worth considering when redesigning your living room interior

The living room forms the venue of   all gossip, communication and fun and frolic among your family members or   your friends and relatives. When you have planned for a complete makeover of   your living room interior, you can always go with your heart because you can   change anything and everything from the paint on the walls, the wallpapers,   the curtains and blinds, the sofa sets, the lighting, the coffee table, the   pots, the painting or the showpieces on the columns and anything at   all.


The first thing that anyone   would do is a survey of the trends or the ideas from other designers and   interior experts. There are a lot of resources online where these people post   and publish their projects and living room interior pictures and are happy to   inspire other designers and homemakers. Once you get a theme, you can decide   to hire a local interior expert and provide them with a brief. You can choose   a bright and lively theme, which is always the most recommended suggestion   because the living room is supposed to be the center of all activities and   not place to drool over and fall asleep. Anyways, nobody stops you from doing   that either.


The modesty can be overcome   with a bright red theme for the sofa sets, rugs which complement the white or   neutral walls. An occasional curtain or blinds with similar bright red   patterns will make it look really charming. There are a few pictures in this   gallery that shows such an approach. The cushions that are warm colored like   bright green, brown, yellow or bright red also goes well with dark brown and   satin white furniture and walls. The essential part of designing your living   room interior is also taking care of the lighting. The room might be a big   one, but still feel dingy and clumsy if the lighting is not proper. On the   contrary, the lighting can make a small room feel attractive and spaced out.   It’s all about spending your quality time and you must decorate it as per   your mood. It is usually advised to keep it simple as it enhances and   activates your mind and even relaxes it when tired.

There can be additional   furniture like chests, cabinets, large tables with multiple cabinets used for   storing showpieces and offers a stand for the television as well. If you have   a wall mounted television, you can still have some vertical cabinets of dark   brown or mahogany to complement the white walls. You can also get an organic   feel with some small and large plants depending on the available size and   space. A few also tries to fit in a luxury or conventional   bar.