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How to use curtains as room dividers

How to use curtains as room dividers

Curtains are always in fashion as   it helps in enhancing the look of the room. Apart from this, you can also use   curtains as a divider that provides privacy those who need it. The major   benefits of using curtain room dividers are that  you can shift it   around as and when you need. Besides, a curtain does not hinder the aeration,   as well as the light from streaming in, as all you got to do is collect the   curtain at one end and tie it up. A curtain profit those who face severe   space crunch.

What a  curtain room   divider does is, it makes individual spaces on either side.

Let’s check out how we can   use curtains as  a divider.

Curtains Covering Doorways/ Passageways

Curtains that cover   doorways or passageways provide an elegant look and offer complete privacy to   those who live in another side of the room. It offers a secure place,   especially when your guests arrive.     Sometimes the curtain dividers can be collected, to avoid anyone getting   tangled in the curtain. In such situations, thicker curtains are   best.     In such situations where you do not have much space to hang the curtain on   a rod that spans the length of the room. It will help you in creating your   own personal space.It is advisable for you to go for the ceiling-to-floor   curtains to make a complete barrier. Another great alternative is, making do   with fractional dividers that cover a part of the region that you wish to   divide, thus avoiding making the room emerges stuffy.