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How to set yourself to make hooked rugs

How to set yourself to make hooked rugs


Rugs are a great addition to any household because they offer   several advantages that are unmatched. Not only do rugs significantly improve   the aesthetics of the room but they also improve the beauty of it. In   addition to that, rugs naturally insulate the cold and help in keeping the   room warm which is particularly helpful in countries with colder climate such   as USA and Canada. Also, rugs reduce the chance of suffering from any   injuries or harm as they are relatively soft and falling on them won’t do   much damage which is the case with normal floors. Keeping this in mind we   will in this article, focus on hooked rugs because not only they provide the   benefits mentioned above, but they are easy to make at home and if you could   learn how to make them it could turn into a profitable venture and a business   idea as these hooked rugs will sell from anywhere in the range of 100 to   1000$.


To make any great product, you will need all the necessary   ingredients first and in this case, they are tools and supplies necessary to   proceed with making a good quality hooked rug. These are the things you will   need:

A hand hook

Wool fabric in scraps as it can be easily dyed if it is in light   colors like white or beige.

The Making Process:

Before you start with the actual making process, it is imperative   that you do check all these boxes mentioned below so that you won’t have any   problems later on.

It is always a recommended to have a good idea or to have a   roughly prepared sketch or design so that you know exactly what needs to be   done, and there are no trials and errors later on.

The second thing you should always keep in mind is the measurements   and the dimensions of the room and decide accordingly if you want a small or   a large sized rug. The size of the rug should be in proportion to the size of   the room. Otherwise, it would be a complete misfit.


I have mentioned briefly the steps and factors to consider before   you start hooking the rugs. It is recommended that your preparation checks   all the boxes so that you end up making a good quality hooked rug and don’t   have to regret later on.