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How to select a bathroom mirror – ideas

How to select a bathroom mirror – ideas

If you have designed a stylish   home, you would definitely want to even make your bathroom in style with   other rooms of the house. The modern design, colors, modern accessories makes   your bathroom in line with other decorative rooms.

One such accessory which   enhances the looks of your bathroom is the bathroom mirror. You would require   a bathroom mirror without which it will be difficult to shave, to put make   up, to do your hair etc. Generally the bathroom mirrors are placed above the   sink of the bathroom. There are number of bathroom mirror ideas. You can   choose from the varieties of mirrors. The different styles, designs, types   are widely available which will give a perfect sense to your dreams &   choice. You can select the bathroom mirror as per your requirement based on   the available space, decorum of your bathroom, storage requirement, light   requirement etc.

How to select   a bathroom mirror?

The selection of bathroom   mirror depends upon lot of factors. The most common being the available   space. If your bathroom is big & have large space available, choosing   a small mirror will give out of the track effect. Similarly, if the room is   small, you cannot put a large or big size mirror. You need to first make sure   the perfect size of mirror required.

There are many shapes   available for bathroom mirrors ranging from circular, square, rectangular,   oval, triangular, arched, & other architectural designs. The circular   & oval shape, although are more common & give more elegant   look to your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors can be framed or frameless. The   frames can be of many different materials. A metal or a wooden frame is   mostly preferred. The frames can be designed architecturally which gives the   mirrors an attractive look. The color of the frame can be selected matching   to the other furniture or other home décor items. The frame can be of regular   shapes or any irregular shape which can give a different & classy   appearance to the mirror.

The frameless bathroom   mirrors on the other hand has crystal borders which also gives attractive   look. It is one of the modern designs of mirrors. Many facilities are also   available to provide storage behind the mirrors in terms of   cabinets.

You can provide lighting   over the mirror either on top of the mirror or on the sides of mirror in   order to get a better view during night. The mirrors should be fixed properly   as it is many a times risky to put the mirrors if not properly fixed. You   should ensure that the corners of your bathroom mirror are not edgy &   sharp in order to avoid any accidents or cuts. For big or heavy mirrors, the   installations become difficult. You should take extra care in such situation   not to drop it even accidently. After all it is one of the most important   accessories which will make your bathroom look more stylish &   classy.