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How to make shabby chic curtains

How to make shabby chic curtains

Shabby   chic curtains are in style and their popularity is growing by the day. It has   been around since the eighties. It came into existence as people wanted to   recapture the romantic past as well as to capture the elegance. They also   increase the cozy atmosphere of the room and make the room more   comfortable.

In order to make shabby chic curtains, vintage items need to be   combined with other items. There are specific colors which help to give the   country house look. These are normally light blue and earthy colors like   yellow, green and red. These are combined with off-white as well as with   cream colors to complete the look.

Method of making shabby chic curtains

In order to make shabby chic curtains   one should pick out a number of thrifted sheets as well as curtains and cut   them out with similar widths. Then they need to be sewn into long rows. These   rows then need to be sewn into panels. In order to increase the durability of   the curtains, one can zigzag over the long seams and then hem the sides as   well as the bottom. Incase one has vintage sheets which are the same width as   the window, then it can be used as the top rows on the panels and can be used   for the rod pockets as well.

Incase one likes the sunlight streaming through the curtains,   these curtains should be left as they are. If one likes curtains which do not   allow light to come through, they should be lined with either white or   off-white material.