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How to keep real wood floors in the best
possible condition

How to keep real wood floors in the best possible condition

If   you thought that getting your wish of having real wood floors fulfilled was   the end of it, then you have only done half of the job yet. While wood floors   look gorgeous, they need a bit of work post-installation to ensure that they   stay so. So what are the tops tips to ensure that your real wood floors stay   as fantastic as you want them to? Read on to find that out!

Vacuum every day or at least dust mop  

Vacuuming everyday is important if you want to keep them in the   best possible state. In case you cannot vacuum on some particular day, then   you should at least dust mop them. Frequently dusting it with a mop that has   been treated using a dusting agent is also required. This is all you need to   do for ensuring a clean floor in between those semi-annual thorough   cleanings.

The fine grit in the dust that sets on your wood floors is as   close to sandpaper as it gets- and will add to the wear of your wooden   finishing.  For removing it, an attachment that has a felt surface or a   brush will be the most suitable.

Beware of rain and   moisture

Water can stain the wood as it penetrates deeper into it, and ruin   the fishing of hardwood floor. This is why protecting these floors from rain   is extremely important. Close all your windows if you are expecting rainfall,   keep your potted plants in trays, and make it a habit of wiping off any water   that you see on the floor. These simple precautions will go a long way in   keeping the floor in good quality and as strong as possible.

A no-wax floor cleaner for removing any residues

Always keep a wooden floor cleaner without wax handy, and use it   for cleaning up any small residues that you see. It is important that you are   prompt in cleaning any residues up so that they do not turn into bigger ones.   Clean any dirt and spills that you see as soon as you can, and use the   cleaner for removing the residue. The dirt will damage the finishing while   liquids will do the same as well as stain the floor.

Keeping your real wood floors clean and healthy is not that hard a   task- all it requires is your attention and some prompt care every time you   see a problem.