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How to decorate your home with brazilian
cherry hardwood flooring?

How to decorate your home with brazilian cherry hardwood flooring?

What   is Brazilian Cherry Hardwood flooring?

Brazilian Cherry wood is also called as Jatoba and is a very   important imported species of hard wood available today. Most of the   Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring originates from Northern Brazil, as the   name suggest. But over the days, the harvesting has shifted to Peru. This has   led to a change in the shade of the Brazilian hardwood flooring. It gets its   sheen and shine as it is a densely grained wood and it gives off natural oil.   But it is not just the change in harvesting location that causes the color of   the wood to change. The other reason is that this is extremely light   sensitive and this leads to drastic color change when exposed to light. When   freshly milled, the color appears from salmon to blond, then changes to a   dark brown color with orange highlights over the period of several months.   This is also called as oxidation. Basically wood is a kind of material that   changes in color and tone as time passes so if you are looking for a   consistent colored Brazilian wood flooring, it’s best to purchase one with   least color variation. The age and the area where the Brazilian wood is   harvested affects how the floor ages.

Problems that occur with Brazilian   wood:

One of the major issues that the Brazilian wood offers is the   appearance of gaps and holes especially during very cold weather and low   humidity which helps in maintaining the RH levels at a suitable value. As the   RH levels increase, the gaps that may have formed, slowly start to close.   This can be minimized by making sure that the humidifier being used is at the   lowest setting. It is advised not to use wider wooden planks at the time of   installation. Also a yearly service is important to prevent any   complications.


As Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is sustainably harvested,   making use of it is considered as a green building material. Also this one of   the very durable hardwoods that can be found in the market. It is twice as   strong as the traditional oak and as a consequence totally resistant to   grooves and scrapes. It is very versatile and is pretty cost effective as   cleaning them is a breeze. With the help of a simple broom and mop and   doesn’t require specialized dry cleaners for the same.