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How to decide on to a ceiling fan

How to decide on to a ceiling fan

Let’s consider a few fundamentals that must be kept in mind before buying a ceiling a fan. First and foremost, ceiling fans do not lower the temperature of the air. So weigh many aspects to make them a friend of your family rather than an enemy.

Location: Size of the room matters for the size of the fan that is required. For low ceilings, Hugger style is advised. Also, whether it is going to be outside or in a damp location will determine the design. To reduce the heating and maintenance cost Reversible Rotation Direction is advised.

Quality: Going for a cheap quality may be tempting but it will give you hard time during maintenance. Cheap quality fans have motors which do not support the rotation of big blades and it will not be able to push big volumes of air. It won’t cool the air. It will loud noises. Its motor is likely to overheat and burn out. It is better to go for a better quality fan which will last longer and more than pay for itself over time. You will enjoy better cooling, quieter, better finish and styling.

Energy Consumption: Saving electricity should not only be looked from the perspective of energy consumption but also saving money.  When used with other energy-intensive heating and cooling appliances, they can save you big parcels of money. So, it is the time to understand the value of energy star rating on your electric appliances. This rating is also an indication of efficiency.

With all these parameters we hope that you make an informed decision.