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How to deal with laminate sheets

How to deal with laminate sheets

Laminate   sheets can be used for different purposes; installing new counters, sizing   customized floors, installing bar tops accenting different interiors areas   around the house among others. It is therefore something that you can do   without prior knowledge.

You can accomplish this by using these   guides;

  • make sure you have a clear picture of the installation area; this   will help you purchase the required size of laminate sheet
  • trace all the dimensions of the cardboard or interior onto the   laminate sheet and use the required knife to cut out the patterns; this will   always guarantee the required measurement and you have to ensure that you use   a very efficient tool to get the job done.
  • To install a laminate sheet on the counter or over the cabinet,   trim he edges of the laminate sheet and then fit it over the   counter
  • Apply your laminate tape on the laminated cardboard or top   counter and confirm to ensure that the laminate is well bonded over the   surface.
  • Use a roller to activate the glue on the laminate sheet; you can   also use a hot iron to activate the glue on the laminate   sheet.
  • Hold the trim in place and then allow the glue to   dry

How to paint the laminate sheet  

Laminate sheets are cleanable and the most durable material   therefore it is important to always keep them clean and you can do this by   painting them.

Rub the laminate sheet surface using sand paper to make the   surfaces rough to ease the painting process. The surface of the laminate   sheet has to be cleaned with a cloth dipped in saturated alcohol. Select the   best primer, for instance those made for surfaces that are metallic and   completely rub it on the laminate sheet. The function of the primer to ensure   that paint adheres onto the surface; make sure that it is evenly spread on   the laminate sheet.

Allow the laminate sheet to dry for a couple of hours before   rolling the paint of your choice onto the laminate sheet and allow the paint   to completely dry before you can touch it. When the paint is completely dry,   add another coat of melamine until you get the required specifications and   leave the laminated surfaces to dry.

The last step is to polish polyurethane over the painted laminate   sheet because it helps create a protective layer over your colored laminated   surface. You can add the coat yearly to keep the finish strong and   intact.

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